It has been reported in recent days that Swedish authorities have arrested a spy that has been working for the Iranian regime. Reports indicate that he was probably working for the Iranian regime’s Ministry of intelligence and Security.

The Swedish publication ‘Aftonbladet’ reported on 12th October that around seven months ago the Swedish security police arrested a 46-year-old man. He has remained in jail since his arrest.

The man had come to Sweden a decade ago and had since gained Swedish citizenship. He has most recently been working in the capacity of a journalist for an Arab-language website in the country.

The prosecutor that is overseeing the investigation of this case, Hans-Jörgen Hanström, has not explicitly said that there is a link between the arrest in Sweden and the assassination attempts in the Netherlands last year on the orders of the Iranian regime, however, comparisons are inevitably being drawn.

Information about the arrest indicates that the suspect is being linked to terrorist attacks that the Iranian regime has been plotting on European soil. The man has been watching people whose lives are at great risk.

There is plenty of information in the case file and it is hoped that charges will be watertight. There are said to be some 1,700 pages in the case file and numerous attachments detailing telephone conversations from last year and a large volume of messages on the messaging app WhatsApp.

Hanna Lindblom, the lawyer of the suspect, has been silent on the case, except to deny all charges that have been brought against her client.

A senior Iranian regime diplomat was arrested in Germany last year after he had given explosives to a husband and wife team. The intention was for the couple to travel to the Free Iran rally of MEK supporters that being held near Paris last June and that wanted to detonation the bomb. The Free Iran rally is held every year by the main opposition to the Iranian regime, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and it attracts thousands of guests including a number of parliamentarians, officials, politicians and dignitaries from around the world.

Details about the case emerged indicating that the diplomat was an MOIS station chief based in Europe. Had the plot not been foiled, the impact could have been devastating with the potential of seeing numerous fatalities and casualties.

The Iranian Resistance(PMOI/MEK) has been warning about the Iranian regime’s activities for some time, emphasizing that the regime has official representatives stationed all over Europe, including in its embassies. The Resistance has said that the embassies are used as centers for plotting terrorist attacks and carrying out espionage activities.