It is also significant that the Iranian regime’s constitution is based on a misogynistic theory and classifies women as second-class citizens in society.

In fact, Iranian women suffer from mullahs’ inhuman policies twice as much as men. In this regard, it is worth reminding that Iranian authorities are the top executioners of women. They legally count woman’s testimony as worth half of that of a man. The regime’s misogynistic rules extended to all sectors of life, including employment.

Iran enjoys a 24-million strong employed population. This population consists of 20.33 million men and 4.42 million women. In other words, the share of men is 82% and women’s share is 18%. In the spring of 2019, 127,000 men joined the employed population. In the same period, 170,000 women were removed from employment. The share of women from the growing employed population was -0.6%.

Mrs. Sedigheh Shahrokhi, a women rights activist, said: “It is notable that the Iranian government not only in its official advertising creates the impression that the women’s main role is housekeeping, but also how have women’s working conditions have toughened to the point that women prefer to not work in such a humiliating situation to save their dignity. But one of the prominent reasons for the reduction of women’s employed population is that in service and production units, women’s wages are much lower than men’s.

On October 6, state-run ILNA news agency noted, “In almost all kinds of work, women receive lower wages than men… although in the bad economic conditions when the monthly payment is not enough, many women prefer to leave their job and sit in their homes.”