Deputy Minister of Health Alireza Raisi confessed that the main cause of the virus outbreak in Iran were Chinese citizens who traveled to Iran at the time of the outbreak in China. He confessed:

“According to studies, the disease in Qom was specifically related to the Chinese in the province; A number of Chinese workers traveling to Qom in February, as well as a number of students, became responsible for the spread of the coronavirus in the province.

He added: “At first we thought that Qom was probably the primary source of the disease that had spread elsewhere. But now we also have the possibility that it originated at two points, in both Qom and Gilan.

“I emphasize that our information on Gilan is still incomplete, and we have come to the conclusion that some Wuhan students have returned to Gilan before the Wuhan quarantine.”

The regime’s officials have repeatedly tried not to link the origin of the coronavirus to the Chinese traveling to Iran and the Mahan Air flights to China.

Masoud Mardani, a member of the Corona Country Committee, admitted that the severity of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran is much higher than in other countries, including China.

In an interview with the Anatolia news agency, he said: “There is no province in the provinces that do not currently have the coronavirus. The cases that the Ministry of Health currently declares are just a part of the whole disease because the Ministry of Health only reports cases that are admitted to the hospital as daily cases.”

On the regime’s delay in controlling the epidemic, he said: “We recognized the epidemic after it was deployed in the country. Particularly the first cases that happened in the city of Qom were the ones that might have been there a few weeks ago, at which point the separation didn’t happen and the disease first spread in Qom and then to other cities.”

“Cases that the Ministry of Health currently declares are just a part of the whole disease because the Ministry of Health only reports cases that are hospitalized or have just a short refer and have molecular testing for the disease, and that their disease test is positive are just reported as the daily infection.”

“There are more than a thousand cases every day, and even more than 100 to 150 deaths a day.” (Anatolia news agency, 24 March 2020)

Mohammad Reza Heydari, head of the Mashhad City Council on 25 March, wrote in a tweet to the regime’s president, “Mr. President, continue to worry about Mashhad.”

Referring to President Hassan Rouhani’s claim on 25 March that hospital beds are empty in Mashhad, he wrote: “Hospital beds are being vacated to accommodate critically ill patients. The need for ICU equipment has doubled and deaths are on the rise. At least order the ICU equipment to be sent to Mashhad.”

Rouhani in the cabinet meeting said: “Fortunately we had no shortage of beds, nurses, and doctors until today. In Mashhad, 60 percent of hospital beds and 30 percent of intensive care unit’s beds are empty.”


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