A few hours ago (Monday afternoon, September 29), mullahs’ regime henchmen have secretly transferred Ms. Rayhaneh Jabbari from the prison in Qerchak of Varamin to solitary confinement in Gohardasht Prison. Prisoners who are to be executed are usually transferred the night before their execution to the solitary confinements in Gohardasht to be hanged the next morning. It is said that the reason she has been secretly transferred was to prevent protests by other prisoners.

In response to Rayhaneh’s mother, the prison henchmen of Gohardasht have confirmed that she has been transferred to that prison and added: Her name is on the list of those to be executed. Come in the morning and receive her body.

Ms. Rayhaneh Jabbari, a decorator, has been in prison since seven and a half years ago when she used a cold weapon to defend herself against an intelligence agent. In a deceptive scheme, this intelligence agent intended to violate Rayhaneh which forced her into defending herself. The scuffle led to the murder of this intelligence agent of the regime. The henchmen of the clerical regime placed Rayhaneh under savage tortures to extract forced confession.

The misogynic regime of the mullahs is attempting to intensify the atmosphere of terror in the society and to terrorize all women and youth who have not succumbed to the oppression and vulgarly of regime’s elements.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

September 29, 2014