It has been clarified that during the crisis and even before, the entire regime was prepared not for the flood but for controlling possible social and political consequences.
As seen in a video posted on social media, during an interview a soldier says, “we are here from March 19”. In this clip we could also see numbers of military carriers, armoured vehicles and some tents, showing the 24h presence of the military.

Since the clarification of what has truly happened and the possible growth of the flood, the regime, fearing a popular uprising, has elevated censorship of news of the flood in an effort to minimize the dimensions of the disaster.

In this regard, Rouhani’s minister of interior, Rahmani Fazli, asked the regime’s judiciary to take so-called “legal action” against the publishing of popular news, that he called “fake news”.

While minimizing the dimensions of the disaster in northern provinces and Shiraz to reduce people’s outrage, the regime has sent thousands of IRGC and Basij units with full military equipment, under the pretext of helping people in the northern part of Iran, to control the situation assessed as “explosive”.

The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the regime admitted the people’s outrage and blocking the road and while minimizing the situation said, “regarding the flood in Golestan, which has not been controlled since Monday…. so families are disturbed. For example, we said that in Agh Ghela township the flood has decreased but how much? I was there and except a little that I was able to walk with boots, I had to use a tractor. Tractors are serving as taxis.

People are not accustomed to living in tents and this situation. Although the governorate has created a camp but over 70% of tents are empty.”
Even now the frustrated people have blocked the roads without the permission of the crisis management office.

Although the devastating flood forced misery and suffering on our people, it once again has proven that the mullahs’ regime is the worst enemy, and instead of taking common and known responsibilities taken by the governments at the time of crisis, it is worrying about popular uprisings. Their priority is not to save people lives but is to oppress any potential popular uprising by those affected by flood.

Khamenei (like other dictators) wouldn’t realize the time of being stricken with this ongoing fire of outrage, that burns him and his entire regime.