So far, at least twelve people have been shot dead by security forces in protests in Iran over the severe water shortage in Khuzestan Province. During the uprising in Iran’s Khuzestan Province, many young people were killed and injured, and many are among the detainees.

As we passed the tenth day of the protests, government officials are still trying to quell the uprising by adding security measures and militarizing the cities in the south of the country, but contrary to their expectations, other cities are on fire, too.

The names of the killed that have been confirmed so far are as follows:

According to a statement issued by Amnesty International, at least eight people have been killed by the Revolutionary Guards during peaceful protests.

“Identified victims

“According to information obtained from informed sources, security forces have killed at least eight protesters and bystanders, including a teenage boy, since the latest round of protests began.

“They include Mostafa Asakereh (Naimavi) in Shadegan, Ghassem Naseri (Khozeiri) in Kut-e Abdollah, Isa Baledi and Meysam Achrash in Taleghani, Hamzeh (Farzad) Fereisat in Ahvaz, Mehdi Chanani in Shoush, Hamid Mojadam (Jokari) in Chamran, and a teenage boy, Hadi Bahmani, in Izeh. The deaths resulted from incidents on 16, 19, 20 and 21 July.” (Amnesty International, 23 July 2021)

On Sunday, July 25, 2021, the Iranian opposition MEK/PMOI, published the names of 12 killed protesters of the Khuzestan protests and other cities. The names of the killed are as follows:

  • Mostafa Naimavi, 30-year-old, from Shadegan, place of death, Ahvaz, date of death 16 July 2021
  • Ghassem Naseri (Khozairi) 17-year-old from Kut Abdullah, place of death Kut Abdollah, date of death 17 July 2021
  • Mohammad Chanani, place of death Susa, date of death 20 July 2021
  • Isa Baledi, 27-year-old, from Mahshahr, place of death Mahshahr, date of death 20 July 2021
  • Mohammad Kroshat from Ahvaz, place of death Ahvaz (Shelangabad), date of death 20 July 2021
  • Omid Azarkhosh 20-year-old from Aligudarz, date of death July 21, 2021
  • Hadi Bahmani, 17-year-old, from Susan village, Izeh, place of death Izeh, date of death 20 July 2021
  • Farzad Fereisat (Hamzeh Al-Farisawi), 24-year-old, place of death Ahvaz (Shelangabad), date of death 21 July 2021
  • Meysam Achrash (Akrash), 20-year-old, place of death Mahshahr (Taleghani town), date of death 21 July 2021
  • Hamid Mojadam (Jokari), place of death Chamran
  • Mohammad Abdollahi, place death Izeh
  • Amir Moshari Ebadi, injured, died in the hospital on July 23, 2021

Khuzestan uprising detainees

We want to emphasize, according to experience, any torture, disappearance and execution of the arrested Arab compatriots is the responsibility of the regime, and the Iranian people will not tolerate it anymore.

Reports indicate that hundreds of people have been arrested during the Khuzestan uprising. According to some reports, at least 350 young people have been detained by security forces. The names of some of these detainees are as follows:

  1. Ahmad Asli arrested on July 21, 2021 (Ramshir)
  2. Ahmad Savari, son of Abdul Ali Shamil, Alavi alley (Hay al-Thawra) (Ahwaz)
  3. Ahmad Mujaddam, son of Isa, July 21, (Chamran)
  4. Ismail Jalali, son of Hassan, 40, (Susangerd)
  5. Omid Tusi was arrested on July 20, 1400. (Ramshir)
  6. Amir Alhaei, son of Khalaf, 28 years old, married and with children, (Elahi)
  7. Ahura Mohammadi July 21 (Lordegan)
  8. Ayad Abiat, son of Rahim, born in 1990 (Susangerd)
  9. Ayub Abboud Al-Namnum a 12-year-old child (Shavur)
  10. Bassem Heydari, 20 years old, resident of Goldasht Alley, Ahvaz
  11. Bassem Soleimani, son of Nasser (Khorramshahr)
  12. Bassam Zargani, son of Hamidan, 30, from Zargan region, (Ahvaz)
  13. Behnam Hassani July 20, (Lordegan)
  14. Jasem Chaldavi, 35, (Bostan)
  15. Jassem Tusi, (Ramshir)
  16. Jamil Obaidawi (Shavur)
  17. Javad Jaberi (Ramshir)
  18. Hamed Hassani July 21, (Lordegan)
  19. Hamed Khaledi (Ramshir)
  20. Hassan Saeedi, 30 years old, resident of Goldasht Alley, Ahvaz
  21. Hassan Amori (Ramshir)
  22. Hassan Mohsen Zidan (Shavur)
  23. Hossein Shumli (Shavur)
  24. Hossein Manshadavi, 22-year-old, son of Abdolreza
  25. Hamzeh Afravi, 26-year-old son of Majid (Susangerd)
  26. Hamoud Chenani, 19, son of Salem, from the Ein 2 area of ​​Ahvaz
  27. Hamoud Shamousi 18-year-old, from Ein 2 area of ​​Ahvaz
  28. Haider Al-Bushoka (Ramshir)
  29. Khalid Amori (Ramshir)
  30. Khalid Mazrae son of Noir (Shavur)
  31. Khalid Amouri arrested on July 20 (Ramshir)
  32. Darem Soleimani, son of Hasoud, a resident of Al-Jadeeda, was arrested on July 18th. (Khorramshahr)
  33. Razi Dahimavi, son of Abdul Zahra arrested with his son (Hamidiyeh)
  34. Rasool Sawadi (Hamidiyeh)
  35. Reza Afravi, son of Abbas, 24 years old (Susangerd)
  36. Raad Heydari, son of Rahim Alavi valley (Hay Al-Thawra) (Ahvaz)
  37. Sajjad Mousavi arrested on July 20 (Ramshir)
  38. Sayed Hassoun Iraqi (Shavur)
  39. Sadegh Saedi (Hamidiyeh)
  40. Sadegh Abiat (Hamidieh)
  41. Saleh Obaidawi (Shavur)
  42. Salah Khaledi (Ramshir)
  43. Tayban Saedi (Hamidiyeh)
  44. Adel Naderi 40 years old (Susangerd)
  45. Amer Zuhairi, 18 years old, son of Khalaf from Ein 2 area of ​​Ahvaz city
  46. Abbas Alhaei, son of Malik, 19 years old
  47. Abbas Khoin Vahid 30 years old (Alhaei)
  48. Abbas Zargani, 27-year-old son of Sham from Zargan region (Ahvaz)
  49. Abbas Saedi (Hamidiyeh)
  50. Abbas Savari, son of Naji, residents of Goldasht alley, Ahvaz
  51. Abdul Amir Jalali 45 years old (Abu Yahya) (Susangerd)
  52. Abdul Razzaq Vahid, 36 years old, married (Elhayi)
  53. Abdolreza Soleimani, son of Yaber, a resident of Al-Jadeeda (Khorramshahr)
  54. Abdullah Obaidawi, son of Mardav (Shavur)
  55. Ali Khosraji (Shavur)
  56. Ali Soleimani Tamimi (Khorramshahr)
  57. Ali Soleimani, son of Yarullah, a resident of Al-Jadeeda area (Khorramshahr)
  58. Ali Abdul Hussein Gatafa, a resident of Al-Jadeeda district (Khorramshahr)
  59. Ali Agbi from Beit Khalaf village (Shavar)
  60. Ali Amori (Ramshir)
  61. Ali Kaab Al-Hai, 50, from Alavi alley (Hay al-Thawra), Ahvaz
  62. Ali Kaabi, son of Haidar (Shavur)
  63. Ali Kaabi, son of Khidr
  64. Ali Mujaddam, son of Isa, (Chamran)
  65. Ali Mohsen Zidan (Shavur)
  66. Ali Mazraeh, son of Shi’i (Shavur)
  67. Emad Abiat, son of Rahim, born in 1993 (Susangerd)
  68. Isa Mazraeh, son of Abdolsadeh, from Zoyeh alley, Ahvaz
  69. Faraj Obaidai, 40 years old (Bostan)
  70. Farzad Atabi (Ramshir)
  71. Fallah Chaldavi, 20, son of Hassan, married, resident of Alavi alley (Hay al-Thawra) (Ahvaz)
  72. Falak Amouri arrested on July 22 (Ramshir)
  73. Fahd Heydari, son of Alavi Alley (Hay Al-Thawra) (Ahvaz)
  74. Faisal Mazrae (Shavur)
  75. Qasem Saedi (Hamidiyeh)
  76. Qasem Mazraeh, son of Amer (Shavur)
  77. Majed Hamidi, 30, from Melleh Thani (Ahvaz)
  78. Malek Chaldavi, 28-year-old (Bostan)
  79. Mubarak Al-Hai, son of Vahid, 45 years old, married and has three children (Elahi)
  80. Mojtaba Salehi, son of Mohammad, 18 years old (Susangerd)
  81. Majid Mousavi (Ramshir)
  82. Mohammad al-Bushoka (Ramshir)
  83. Mohammad Harizavi, 24-year-old son of Badr (Susangerd)
  84. Mohammad Sakhravi, 23 years old, resident of Goldasht Alley, Ahvaz
  85. Mohammad Askari, son of Ali, 29, from Zargan region (Ahvaz)
  86. Mohammad Kroshat, a resident of Alavi alley (Hay al-Thawra) (Ahvaz), he is injured
  87. Mohammad Kaabi, son of Fakher (Shavur)
  88. Mohammad Mujaddam son of Isa (Chamran)
  89. Mohammad Amuri (Ramshir)
  90. Mahmoud Saedi (Hamidiyeh)
  91. Moslem Acharsh (Ramshir)
  92. Mansour Jalali, son Mohammad, 17-year-old (Susangerd)
  93. Mansour Soleimani son of Yaber (Khorramshahr)
  94. Mehdi Hamid arrested on July 19. (Ramshir)
  95. Mehdi Khosraji, son of Majid (Shavur)
  96. Mehdi Zaghibi (Ramshir)
  97. Meysam Savari, Alavi valley (Hay Al-Thawra) (Ahwaz)
  98. Milad Savari Shab, Alavi alley (Hay al-Thawra) (Ahvaz)
  99. Milad Obaidavi, 14-year-old (Bostan)
  100. Nader Abiat (Susangerd)
  101. Nasser Zargani, son of Shalan, 27, from Zargan region (Ahvaz)
  102. Yarullah Soleimani from the area of ​​Al-Jadeeda (Khorramshahr)