Since the Iranian New Year (Nowrouz), prisoners in at least nine cities, including Khorramabad, Aligodarz, Tabriz, Saqqez, Hamedan, Mahabad, Ahvaz, Tehran, and Shiraz, began to rebel. 

In many cases, dozens of inmates escaped with help from the surrounding residents and even the guards. The continuation of these rebellions, despite the regime’s mobilization, has shaken the regime.

They know they are incapable of controlling inmates, so how will they contain the rest of the country who will revolt against them again? Because the people will rise up, overthrow the mullahs, and take back Iran.

These riots come after several inmates across Iran have been infected with the coronavirus, which spread easily in the overcrowded and unhygienic prison conditions, and several died. Despite this, the regime refused to speak out about the dangers faced and continued to keep most prisoners, particularly political prisoners, locked up.

On March 12, the National Council of Resistance of Iran revealed that the coronavirus had hit the following prisons:

  • Tehran (Fashafouyeh)
  • Evin
  • Gohardasht 
  • Karaj Central
  • Qezel Hassar
  • Orumieh 
  • Shiban 
  • Kashan

They also announced that political prisoner Amir Hossein Moradi, sentenced to death for participating in the November 2019 uprising, was among those infected.

Also, that day, NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi spoke about the outbreak of the coronavirus in Iran’s prisons. She urged the United Nations Security Council, the UN Secretary-General, the UN Human Rights Council, and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to “condemn” the regime for its “continued criminal cover-up of the spread of coronavirus” and “endangering the lives of people in Iran and other countries”. 

Yet still, the regime is launching a tyrannical crackdown on freedoms under the guise of tackling the coronavirus and demanding sanctions be lifted using the lie that they prevent humanitarian aid from getting through. To be clear, if sanctions were lifted the extra money would go to terrorism and warmongering. The people would be left to suffer.

The NCRI wrote: “The regime is using its old method of taking hostages, this time the Iranian people and massacring them to force the other party [the US] to give it concessions [sanctions relief]. Apparently, what has not been considered in this sinister and criminal plot and this unthinkable atrocity is the main parameter, the people and their upcoming storm of anger.”


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