Call for urgent international action against Assad’s dictatorship and mullahs’ regime, the perpetrators of this war crime

NCRI – Mrs.Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance condemns in the strongest terms the chemical attack of Wednesday morning, August 21, in Damascus outskirts and massacre of 1300 innocent civilians, especially women and children.

Iranian Resistance calls for urgent action by the international community, in particular the United States and the European Union, against perpetrators of this unprecedented war crime, namely the Syrian regime and the religious fascism ruling Iran.

The increasing number of victims of this horrifying war crime and the heartbreaking scenes of the huge number of small children who have died has hurt the conscious of today’s humanity. International community’s silence and inaction regarding previous chemical attacks by the Syrian government encouraged its unparalleled attack of Wednesday morning. Lack of Security Council immediate response and forwarding dossier of this major massacre and its perpetrators to the International Criminal Court is but a mockery of peace, justice and human rights in today’s world.

President-elect of the Iranian Resistance added that without the all out presence of Iranian regime’s revolutionary guards, weapons and dollars, Bashar al-Assad would have been toppled long ago. It is indeed the Iranian regime that is maintaining this criminal regime in power by dispatching large groups of Revolutionary Guards, all sorts of weapons, and spending dozens of billions of dollars of the deprived people of Iran. Ahmed al-Jerba, leader of Syrian opposition, told al-Hayat daily on August 18: “The real rulers of Syria are commanders of the revolutionary guards. Revolutionary guards are fighting us in the streets of Damascus and Ghassem Solaymani commands the military operations. Iraqi militias are dispatched to fight in Syria by Iran’s orders. Maliki sends fundamentalist and extremist fighters to Syria and allows airplanes carrying Iranian weapons to pass through Iraqi airspace. It is with the assistance of Iranian regime that Hosis have come from Yemen and Hassan Nasrollah admits that he is Velayat-e faqih’s soldier and kills the Syrian people. Assad’s army has been defeated. Today, we are facing an army commanded by the Iranian regime that has imposed on us an all out war with advanced weapons.”

A day prior to this barbaric massacre, head of Iranian regime’s Friday prayers Reza Taghavi said: “Today, it is [Khamenei] who leads southern Lebanon, has made proud Gaza with his leadership, and has made Syria resistant in confronting Takfiris… people of Egypt have no Velay-e faqih and leader and hence these massacres are happening in their country.”

Previously, Mullah Ammar Ta’eb, a close associate of Khamenei, had said on 14 February 2013: “Syria is Iran’s thirty-fifth province.” And Rouhani, mullahs’ new president, described the Syrian government as the legitimate representative of Syrian people. In his meeting with the Syrian Prime Minister on August 4 he said: “No power in the world can harm our relations with the Syrian government.”