On 30 March 2014, once the families of two Arab political prisoners Khaled Moussavi and Ali Chabishat learned about the transfer of their children from Dezful prison to an undisclosed location on 18 March 2014, they referred to the judicial bodies. Once they did not receive any definite answers from the court, they subsequently referred to the news headquarters of the Intelligence Department, but were insulted and threatened with arrest.

The two prisoners were apprehended by Shush’s Intelligence Department on 11 November 2011 and after months of severe physical and psychological torture were coerced to make confessions.

The second branch of Ahvaz’s revolutionary court, presided over by Judge Mohammad-Bagher Moussavi, sentenced Ali Chabishat and Khaled Moussavi to death and Salman Chayani, 25, who was also with them was sentenced to 25 years in prison. As has been the case, sudden transfer of prisoners is a prelude to their execution.

After the families of these two prisoners announced that the two had been transferred to an undisclosed location, the Amnesty International issued a statement and requested for their place of transfer to be made known and also called for their fair trial. Iranian regime has yet to respond to these calls by the Amnesty International.