A heartbreaking video that is being widely circulated on social media shows schoolchildren in a school in the southeastern province of Sistan & Baluchestan in Iran mourning their slain teacher who had been fatally shot by members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The mourning schoolchildren say that “the IRGC killed our teacher.”

Shahram Bameri, a teacher in the school in the village of Gunich in the province, fell victim to the IRGC’s atrocities on Tuesday, April 12, as he was traveling along with two of his relatives from the city of Iranshahr to Khash County. Bameri and one of his relatives were killed and the third passenger was critically injured when their car was a target of indiscriminate shooting by IRGC, according to eyewitnesses’ accounts.

The schoolchildren lost their teachers when they were about to resume their education after a two-year shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Targeting Citizens in Sistan & Baluchestan and Kurdistan

This isn’t the first time that innocent Iranian citizens have fallen victim to the atrocities being committed by the Iranian regime’s repressive forces.  Many innocent citizens are systematically being targeted and murdered across Iran but mostly in deprived provinces such as Sistan & Baluchestan province in the southeast, and the Kurdish region in the west and northwest of the country.

Based on reports provided by human rights activists and groups, the State Security Force (SSF), the IRGC, and border guards routinely murder dozens of citizens in these areas every year.

On April 14, the murder of three Baluch citizens in South Rudbar county, in the southern Kerman province by the regime’s authorities prompted outraged locals to attack security forces.

In February 2021, similar atrocities ignited heavy clashes between the IRGC and residents of the city of Saravan in the Iranian Baluchistan, close to the Pakistani border. At the time, IRGC forces had targeted some Baluch citizens with live ammunition, resulting in at least six deaths, and causing many more injuries. The Iranian regime has been killing deprived fuel porters in the province, under the pretext of fighting smuggling. Yet, the IRGC controls Iran’s smuggling network.

Footage of the clashes and eyewitnesses accounts indicated that the regime resorted to snipers, tanks, and armored vehicles to crack down on protesters in Saravan and other areas. The atrocities by the regime’s forces in Saravan sparked anti-regime protests, which extended to other areas and lasted for around 40 days. Iranians declared their solidarity with the Baluch protesters from inside the country and abroad.

The murder of Shahram Bameri is neither the first crime nor the last one committed by the IRGC and its affiliated entities. While the U.S. and P4+1 bargain with the mullahs about possibly delisting the IRGC from the Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) list, they should realize that the people of Iran are the primary victims of the IRGC.

Don't delist IRGC from FTO; March 25, 2022

The IRGC mercilessly murders innocent people across the country and squanders national resources on provocative drone and ballistic missile projects, and nuclear-bomb-making programs. It also fuels instability and warmongering in the region by fueling terrorist groups.

During a speech in late March, the U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken said, “About the IRGC, it is probably the most designated organization in one way and another in the world among organizations that we designated, including the foreign terrorist organization designation.”