Yazdan Panah was a truck driver who commuted back and forth between Tehran and Sistan & Baluchestan Province. He was arrested a year ago and sentenced to life in prison. In the mullah’s regime prisoners persistently lose their lives because they are refused medical treatment. The mortality rate in Iranian prisons is quite high. In another case, it has been a week now and still there is no information about the condition of Mahmoud Shebakhsh, a prisoner sentenced to death. Shebakhsh, 23, was arrested in April 2012 by security forces and kept in the detention center of a revolutionary guard intelligence unit in Zahedan. He was sentenced to death by a court in Zahedan presided over by Judge Mahgoli. In another prison of this province 15 Balutchi prisoners were collectively executed on February 5th. There is a possibility Shebakhsh is also to be secretly executed.