According to IRGC affiliated Fars news agency, Ahmad Khatami, member of the Iranian regime’s Assembly of Experts, said this on February 21st in the city of Kerman: “One day they insult our sanctities in newspapers (i.e. Bahar Newspaper) and one day, like three days ago, they insult the definitive verdict of retribution and calling it inhumane (i.e. Aseman Newspaper). This newspaper has been banned by the court but it is not enough. Like Khomeini did, those who insult our sanctities must be declared apostate and summoned to the court.”

Mullah Khatami continued: “Those who in newspapers play with our sanctities exactly play and act on the side and field of American. West is arrogant. If the nuclear issue is solved today, the issues of human rights, ballistic missiles, Syria and Hezbollah are immediately raised.”

On February 18th, Aseman newspaper wrote: “In the 80s, a political group issued a statement against the inhumane retribution punishment bill and 12 professors of the University of Tehran, mostly law professors, signed this statement.”  At the time, Khomeini declared them apostate and they were fired from the university.