The poster quotes part of a sentence from Zarif’s interview with the Guardian newspaper on November 19, where he claimed that Iran would survive and “thrive” despite US sanctions on Iran, whilst also admitting that the Iranian people are suffering.

Critics complained that the Rouhani administration was cherry-picking comments and ignoring the fact that many people in Iran are in poverty, while also pointing out that many regime officials are so privileged that they cannot even fathom the realities for the Iranian public.

Iranian journalist Mehdi Afrousmanesh pointed out in a sarcastic tweet that the children of the ministers are not, as most young and educated Iranians, struggling to find a job, but rather getting high-ranking jobs because of their family name – something sometimes hidden by the officials – or even living in the lap of luxury, not having to work.

Many Iranians have even taken to social media to tweet about the recent earthquake in Kermanshah, using the Persian hashtag “We Shall Survive”, to point out that the Iranian Regime incompetence is killing people.

One Twitter user, with the alias Haj Fidel, wrote: “Thanks to the government’s prudence, the people have been living in tents since last year to make sure that casualties would be limited to a minimum in the next jolt.”

This was a reference to last November’s earthquake, which left hundreds dead and thousands injured and homeless; a problem not yet rectified.
Many more pointed out that the Iranian Regime’s lofty goals of annihilating Israel and taking on the US have been diminished into mere survival in the course of just a few months, while others celebrated that this showed that the Regime would likely fall soon.
These anti-regime comments only continued to rise as the days went on, despite a desperate attempt by the Regime to cover up Zarif’s error.

This shows us in the West that the Iranian people are not distinguishing between different factions of the Regime, but rather pointing out that the whole thing is rotten to the core. There should be no appeasements of moderates because the Regime has no moderates. The Regime is falling apart and rather than attempt to patch it back together, the world should support the Iranian Resistance and the Iranian people.