Once again, the Iran lobby has come to the rescue for the Iranian regime. It is defending the criticism that the Iranian regime faced following the protests and anti-government demonstrations that swept across the country at the end of last year.

There was a huge amount of international news coverage during the protests and Trita Parsi of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) made numerous appearances in an effort to persuade the public that the people of Iran had taken to the streets because of outside manipulation. Parsi attempted to rubbish the claims that the uprisings were a response to the regime’s cruel policies.

Parsi said that the nuclear deal has widespread support in Iran and the only reason for the economic failures is because of the United States. This is false because the deal freed up more than enough money to ease the economic issues, yet the regime decided to plunder it on terrorism, proxies, militias and fuelling conflict across the region.

Parsi also commented on Trump’s calls to support the people of Iran who were protesting, saying that they do not hold the US president with any regard because of his opposition to the nuclear deal. Again, this is completely false – the Iranian people are happy that a leader of another country is publicly supporting their fight for freedom, democracy and human rights.

In reality, the protests are symbolic of the danger that the Iranian regime faces with regards to its future. Those protesting were middle and working-class people who have been most affected by the Iranian regime’s policy failures. The protests spread so far across Iran, highlighting that the majority of the people are suffering. The people who were protesting are the ones that keep the economy going through their hard work.

Parsi could not deny that the people are extremely angry, but he couldn’t discredit his bosses – the regime. Therefore, he has tried to pin the blame on anybody else, saying that the United States is responsible for example. However, in the process, Parsi has made himself look idiotic with his contradictions and strange theories and messages.

His colleague, Reza Marashi, also spoke about the “leaderless revolution”, saying that this is problematic because the people cannot bring change on their own. However, what he failed to say is that the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the NCRI, is a very strong coalition of opposition groups that has cross-party support from many different countries across the world. It is a more than viable leader for the people of Iran.

Hopefully most can see through the lobby’s odd and incoherent arguments. The crux of the issue is the Iranian people. Nothing matters more than making sure they are free from the corrupt regime.