Iranian politicians from both factions—as meaningless as that distinction is—have been warning about widespread discontent among the Iranian people and more anti-regime protests to come. 

Javad Imam, the head of the Baran Foundation and the former Deputy Energy Minister from the “reformist” faction advised that popular discontent had only increased in the 11 months since the last major uprising in Iran. 

“Some people have lost their jobs, some have had a severe cut in their wages, and the unconstrained inflation, on the other hand, has increased discontent, he said.

Imam told the state-run “reformist” Etemad daily that the regime is in trouble because Iranians are under incredible pressure and if the mullahs fail to “alleviate these pressures” then Iranians “would react” with protests as they had lost hope that any change will come from within the regime, even after the pandemic ends. 

Meanwhile, former MP Mohammad-Reza Bahonar said that the November 2019 uprising “would have gone towards a revolution or a soft revolution” if more Iranians had taken part and said that there would be more people who pose a threat to the regime in future protests. 

Bahonar, a former “hard-line” deputy parliament speaker, then bragged about how the regime had “taken care” of the protests by massacring at least 1,500 protesters in the streets over a couple of days.

Iran: Murderers of 1,500 Protesters Continue to Benefit from Impunity

Of course, this is not an isolated incident. The Iranian security and law enforcement institutions are scared of the growing discontent among the people – largely caused by the mismanagement or wilful negligence of the regime to the coronavirus pandemic, the collapsing economy, and a variety of social issues – so there are cracking down violently on trade union protests. 

On Monday, security forces attacked the retired Ministry of Oil employees who had held a protest rally outside the Ministry building in Tehran over their economic grievances. The injured protesters—who are largely war veterans—had their photos published by human rights groups in an attempt to spread awareness about the regimes violence.   

Iranian Workers’ Protests for Inherent Rights

In related news, the regime sent its vigilantes from the paramilitary Basij forces out onto the street to violently harass people who fail to comply with the strict dress code and regulations, which is another crackdown on civil liberties. 

Earlier in October, an Iranian Law Enforcement killed at least four civilians including a 17-year-old, in the western province of Kermanshah, sparking nationwide headlines.