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Iran Regime worried by growing strikes

Iran Regime worried by growing strikes

These strikes are becoming harder and harder for the Iranian Regime to manage, primarily because they are so well organised. So, despite the Regime’s suppressive measures, the strikes are continuing in full force.

It is now clear from the comments of top officials that the Iranian Regime is scared of the protests getting worse and causing a full-on revolution.

Many of the Regime, including former Minister of Intelligence Ghorbanali Dorri-Najafabadi and Friday prayer leader in Lavasan Saeid Lavasani, have tried to blame the protest of the Regime’s enemies, which is ironic, considering that the Regime has time and time again shown itself to be the enemy of the Iranian people. Of course, the “enemy” of the Iranian Regime is the Resistance, which is helping to direct and organise these protests to make them more effective.

Others, like the former minister in Rouhani’s cabinet Abbas Akhoundi and so-called “social expert” of the regime Mohammad Fazeli, believe that the protests are down to the Regime’s inability to deal with the economic and social problems of the Iranian people, especially their lack of rights. This is true, but it should be noted that the Regime is only unable to deal with these problems because they genuinely don’t care.

The Regime could fix the problems in a very short period of time, but they won’t. Instead, they are content to beat the Iranian people down in the vain hope of stopping the protests.
Truckers’ strike
Meanwhile, truckers across Iran have launched their fourth round of strikes this year, but in addition to their previous demands of fair pay and better working conditions, they are also seeking the release of their colleagues, who were arrested during the first round of strikes.

In October, 17 striking truck drivers were arrested in Qazvin and charged with waging war against God; a capital offence in Iran.
The Nationa Council of Resistance of Iran wrote: “The Iranian Resistance calls on all youth to support the striking drivers, and calls on the labour unions and the International Labor Organization and other organizations defending the rights of workers and the working people to condemn the repressive measures taken by the Iranian regime against drivers and to support their strike to get their rights.”