NCRI – Fearful of student protests, the Iranian regime has stationed suppressive forces on a massive scale in the streets and squares around Tehran and Sharif Industrial universities. The Basij forces and the anti-riot units of the State Security Forces (SSF) have set up checkpoints in Engelab Square and Azadi Street. Regime’s elements apprehensively inspect vehicles in this district and prevent traffic on foot to Azadi Street. At Tehran University, regime’s intelligence elements check student IDs and prevent students from other universities from entering.

In many cities the Iranian regime obstructed ceremonies related to the Student Day upon various pretexts. In Qom, the program related to the Student Day was cancelled and instead burial ceremony was held for regime’s hirelings that had died in Syria. In the universities of Hamedan and Ahwaz debates that were to be held in these universities were all cancelled. The Student Day program at Medical Sciences University of Shahrekord was also cancelled on pretext of disruptions.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 7, 2015