On May 20, the people of Iran held at least six rallies, protests, and strikes in various cities, venting their anger over the government’s plundering and profiteering policies.

In Kerman, Asimoun miners continued their strike for the fourth consecutive day. Furthermore, their families rallied and marched blaming officials for indifference toward workers’ conditions and requires.

Meanwhile, oil workers in Ilam province, cement dealers in East Azarbaijan province, defrauded investors, and orchardists in the capital Tehran staged four protests.

Rally and March of Miners

Kerman province—for the fourth consecutive day, miners of the Asimoun Chromite Mine at the Manoojan district, continued their rally and protest. They blamed the governor for failing to meet protesters’ demands.

“Governor, shame on you, let go of the seat,” enraged miners chanted declaring their ire over the government’s inaction and indifference.

Furthermore, families of miners today staged a rally and marched protesting officials’ inaction to meet their loved ones’ demands.

Rally of Oil Workers

Ilam province—workers of road construction equipment of the Oil Company in Dehloran staged a rally in front of the local refinery.

They protested officials’ failure to pay their meager salaries. “We have yet to receive our salaries for four months,”  said a worker.

Rally of Cement Dealers

East Azarbaijan province—cement wholesalers and retailers staged a rally in front of the Provincial Governorate in Tabriz. They blamed officials for the lack of cement.

For years, Iran has been a cement-producer country meaning the state does not need to import the cement. However, due to systematic corruption and leaders’ imprudence, cement has become scarce.

Rally of Defrauded Investors

Tehran province—defrauded investors of Sekkeh Samen financial institution held a rally in front of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI). They protested CBI Governor Abdolnasser Hemmati for registering as a Presidential candidate.

They believe that he cannot run for the June 18 Presidential election due to his department’s fraud and corruption which has caused enormous economic dilemmas for citizens. “Liar Hemmati, where is your law credit?” protesters chanted.

Rally of Orchardists and Farmers

Tehran province—orchardists and farmers in the Robat Karim district once again rallied in front of the local Governorate. They protested officials’ inaction over their previous complaints.

Recently, the Jihad Keshavarzi [Agricultural] firm has destroyed farmers’ lands under false accusations. “We all have legal documents, but the Jihad Keshavarzi destroys our properties,” the orchardists and farmers said.