The protesters displayed photos of public hangings in Iran and the surge in executions since Hassan Rouhani has taken office.

The protesters including members of families of political prisoners condemned the visit by EU’s high representative on International Women’s Day to a country in which mullahs’ regime inflict outrageous misogyny.

Ashton visit coincided with the arrest of at least 80 women in Teharn on Saturday as the repressive State Security Force attacked a gathering by members of families of political prisoners and Dervishes to protest the suppression of Dervishes in the regime’s prisons.

The visit by Ashton is also taking place as the arbitrary and collective executions by the regime has taken a new dimension with over 150 executions in the first 10 weeks of 2014.

Visiting Iran and appeasing its rulers and disseminating the illusion of their moderation, only emboldens the regime to carry out more execution, torture and massacre, the protesters said.