Mrs Rajavi told the conference: “Last week’s hysterical rhetoric of the Mullahs in reaction to the EU resolution regarding the violation of Human Rights in Iran indicates that the issue of human rights is the Achilles’ heel of this regime. 

“Ten months after Rouhani took office, the unprecedented number of executions and criminal massacres at Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty prove that this government does not have the minimum capacity for reform and moderation. The solution is regime change. 

“Acknowledging the right of the Iranian people and their resistance for regime change, and providing protection for the residents of Camp Liberty is both the desire of the Iranian people and vital for the world community to secure regional and global peace and tranquillity.”

Speakers stressed that Iran has never abandoned its plan to attain the nuclear bomb, and that human rights abuses have worsened and executions have increased to 700 under president Hassan Rouhani.  The president also appointed a hostage-taker and a terrorist as the Iranian regime’s Ambassador to the United Nations.

The Iranian regime is also seeking to annihilate the organized opposition in Camp Liberty in Iraq, with the assistance of its puppet government in Baghdad.

The massacre of 52 PMOI members in Ashraf on September 1, 2013, repeated missile barrages on Camp Liberty, intensifying the medical blockade at the camp, repeated threats to extraditing these refugees and silence and inaction by the US, the UN and EU have all created a very perilous situation for these refugees, the conference heard.


Delegates and MEPs demanded the swift release of the seven Ashraf hostages, the transfer of all residents to Europe and the United States, protection and medical equipment at Camp Liberty and the permanent stationing of UN observers and Blue Helmet peacekeepers at the camp.