The couple were found to be in possession of 500 grams of TAPT, an explosive that is favoured by terrorists, as well as a detonator. They were posing as supporters of the PMOI / MEK.

Tens of thousands of people gather at the event every year, including many Iranians from around the world, and dozens of politicians, human rights activists, officials, members of parliament, and other distinguished guests and speakers.

The day after the couple were arrested, a man named Assadollah Assadi was arrested by German authorities while he was on his way to Austria.

Authorities reported that Assadi was the one who ordered the couple to carry out the terrorist attack near Paris. He is a third consular at the Iranian regime’s embassy in Vienna and has diplomatic immunity there. He also provided the couple with the bomb.

The French ambassador to Iran left during the summer and they have not yet been replaced. A French presidential source has said that there is a dialogue taking place between Iran and France on the subject but France is taking into consideration what happened with the foiled attack.

The source said that an ambassador has not been appointed because of the terrorist plot alone, but they did confirm that Iran will be supplying France with facts that will move the matter forward. For now, however, the process of appointing a new ambassador remains suspended.

The Foreign Ministry in France told its diplomats last month that non-essential travel to Iran should be cancelled for now. An internal memo indicated that the reason for this is the hardening of Iran’s attitude to France.

However, France has been taking great efforts, along with other European countries, to persuade U.S. President Donald Trump to lessen the sanctions on Iran. They have tried to salvage business deals between Iran and European companies, but to no avail. Trump refused to soften his stance and companies have pulled out of Iran for fear of getting caught in the crosshairs.

The PMOI / MEK has revealed much information about the true nature of the regime and has exposed facts and provided much intelligence. The PMOI / MEK has a huge network of people inside and outside the country and it is instrumental in the fight for freedom, human rights, equality and democracy in Iran.

The PMOI / MEK also has a huge following in the country and it has been on the receiving end of major misinformation campaigns. Nevertheless, it has international support as witnessed every year in Paris at the “Free Iran” gathering.