In the conference, moderated by Samira Ardalan, a medical student from Italy, the panel discussed how the regime’s coverup and the inadequate response has caused a major health crisis, with over 2,000 dead and thousands more infected. 

Ardalan explained that the outbreak, caused by the Revolutionary Guards’ (IRGC) Mahan Air continuing flights to China after the outbreak began there, has killed and infected so many Iranians, but that the regime is covering up the truth and refusing to announce the real figures. 

She said: “The coronavirus outbreak proves once again that the Iranian regime neither wants nor can help the people. It is the duty of the international community to intervene and prevent the regime from destroying the lives of the Iranian people.” 

Italian rheumatologist Dr. Masoumeh Taheri said:  “The Iranian regime has been handling the situation in an irresponsible way... [Iranian regime President Hassan] Rouhani and Khamenei are responsible for putting Iranians’ lives at risk.” 

Dr. Sina Dashti, an infectologist from Sweden, began his comments with the fact that Iranians will lose many friends and family members to this disease, which the mullahs “cannot and will not” do anything to contain. The reason is that the regime doesn’t want the facts about the virus revealed, which is only helping to spread the virus because it will make the mullahs look as weak as they are. 

He said: “Iranians are fighting with two enemies. One is COVID-19 and the second is the Iranian regime... Lack of medicine and medical gear is killing healthcare workers. The IRGC is taking advantage of this situation to make a fortune. Ordinary Iranians are helping supply important material to hospitals while the government does not… The only solution is to topple this regime.” 

Italian microbiologist Dr. Virginia Pishbeen said: “As we receive updates from Iran, the virus is becoming even more concerning and the situation is more alarming… Where there are no social and political rights, the right to healthcare will also be missing.” 

Dr. Massoud Maghsoodi, pharmacist in Michigan, advised that the regime’s failure to quarantine any areas to stop the spread of the coronavirus means that the virus spread far beyond the initial outbreak areas. 

He decried remarks from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei about the virus not being that bad and that people should pray, saying that instead, Iranian medical professionals should tell the people how to protect themselves. 

He urged the World Health Organization (WHO) to send an investigation team to Iran and for all other international health organizations to provide health supplies to the people and healthcare workers, not the regime who have been hoarding and profiting from them. 

Australian physician Dr. Ali Zahedi said: “In every normal country, people rally behind their government to fight disasters. Iranians are left abandoned to fight two viruses: COVID-19 and the mullahs’ regime. I would like to commend my colleagues inside Iran who are putting their lives on the line to save the coronavirus patients… Iran is now the number one exporter of coronavirus to the world.”  

Dr. Kimia Shahverdi, a pharmacist in Germany, called on the United Nations and the international community to protect the people of Iran because the mullahs won’t. 


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