The “No to Rouhani” demonstration will highlight the regime’s horrific human rights record, including the high number of executions that take place. The protesters will also draw attention to the regime’s terrorist actions that make it the biggest exporter of terrorism in the world.

Last year, Iranian-American supporters of the MEK participated in a demonstration because of Rouhani’s presence at the General Assembly.

The Iranian regime is pursuing another domestic crackdown on the people of Iran. Protesters are getting thrown in jail every day and many are handed long prison sentences and cruel punishments such as lashings.

The domestic crackdown comes at a time when the regime is being put under much international pressure with sanctions and the maximum pressure campaign by the United States. Trying to regain control, the regime is resorting to cracking down on dissent.

A regime that disregards human rights in the most violent of ways and a regime that is resorting to nuclear blackmail towards the international community should not have a place at the General Assembly of the United Nations. The president of a regime that is increasing its terrorism and warmongering across the world should not be welcomed.

Instead, the Iranian president should be held accountable for his actions. He should be sanctioned. He should be facing international tribunals – not United Nations gatherings.

Earlier this year, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) Mrs. Maryam Rajavi told supporters in Washington that the Iranian regime is so fearful of the people that it is finding itself in a desperate position.

Mrs. Rajavi reminded the supporters of the Resistance that the end is getting closer and closer for the regime. It is weakening rapidly and its downfall is not far away. She said that now is the time to be vigilant and the opportunity must be seized. She said: “Dear friends who have defied religious dictatorship and fascism. The regime is getting weaker by the day, and with every passing day, it gets a step closer to its downfall. Consequently, all of us bear heavier responsibilities. This is the time for us to be on alert. Without doubt, the faltering mullahs’ dictatorship cannot withstand our nation’s resistance, uprisings, and the great Army of Freedom.”

At the rally in New York on 24th September, there will be a number of prominent speakers. Former US Senator and Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, Joe Lieberman, a long-time supporter of the Resistance, will voice his support for the people working so hard to bring great change to Iran.

The demonstrators will call on the UN member states to consider imposing comprehensive sanctions on the brutal regime in the face of its blatant disregard of human rights and its warmongering and terrorist activities across the world.