In a press briefing on 16th August, numerous witnesses to the massacre gave personal accounts of the horrors they experienced that year and in subsequent years. Before the 1988 massacre, and since, the Iranian regime has suppressed the people of Iran and especially the political opposition.

Even though the international community has not managed to bring the officials in Iran to justice for their crimes, the Iranian people are not deterred by this. They continue to bravely take to the streets to demand change. They take to the streets knowing that they risk arrest, torture, imprisonment and even execution.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) is the main opposition to the Iranian regime and it is calling on the people of Iran to continue resisting and to continue putting pressure on the regime. Afshin Alavi of the NCRI’s Foreign Affairs Committee said that the regime has been unable to put a stop to the uprising that started at the beginning of the year. He said that during last month alone there were at least 238 strikes and countless gatherings and protests. The resistance is spreading to new areas and all sectors of the population are participating.

Alavi emphasized that there is cooperation between the people of Iran and they are showing that together they are a force to be reckoned with – something that is very concerning to the regime. Some of this unity has been facilitated to the PMOI and regime officials have been unable to hide their concern about its role.

The Iranian Resistance has pointed out that the reasons for protests in each region differ – in one area it could have been sparked by the lack of water for drinking or agricultural purposes whereas in another it could have been triggered by environmental issues. However, it is clear that across all the provinces the people have an overwhelming desire for regime change and it is clear that they will not stop until they get it.

Despite the suppressive measures employed by regime officials, the people will continue to take to the streets in the knowledge that they have the backing and support of the Resistance and its supporters from all corners of the earth.