Iran has been spreading terror across the Middle East, in particular in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon and it is the biggest impediment to peace in the region. The Iran threat has been spreading across to Europe too, with a number of terror attacks and assassinations being foiled by European intelligences services in the past year alone. 

The Iranian regime has just celebrated its fortieth year – a milestone than many hoped would not be marked with the mullahs still in power. It has been 40 years since the Islamic theocracy replaced a pro-Western and forward looking leadership.

Poverty and repression has marked the past four decades in Iran and the abuses of human rights is staggering. The death penalty is used as a form of punishment for the most minor of crimes and many sectors of society are marginalised, including women, ethnic minorities, journalists and academics.

The economic situation in Iran is declining and the purchasing power of the people is startling – people are around 30 per cent poorer than they were 40 years ago.

The Iranian regime has tried to downplay the economic crisis and portray the image that it has overcome the hurdle with regards to U.S. sanctions. However, this is not the case and it is clearly struggling.

Iran, for the past few years, has been spending billions upon billions of dollars on foreign exploits. This includes the support of numerous militias and proxy groups across the region. U.S. President Donald Trump made it very clear that the purpose of the economic pressure on Iran is to cut the regime off from the funds that it uses to finance terrorist groups and activities.

It has become known in recent weeks that the Lebanese Hezbollah group has seen huge cuts. Active fighters are being paid half of what they used to be paid and those that are receiving pensions for their previous service have been receiving nothing. Projects that Iran has been financing are being shut down because funding has not been received.

Young people in Iran have been leaving the country in hope of a better future. Education is not a right for all in the country and many professionals are being systematically persecuted. Journalists, human rights activists, lawyers and environmentalists have been thrown in jail, stoned, and even executed for carrying out their profession.

As the regime gets cornered even further, it lashes out by making unfair laws tighter. Suppression increases as the regime runs out of options. Thankfully, for the people of Iran and the wider international community, the regime is close to collapse.