Iran News Update – Iranian opposition gathering in Villepinte, France is currently in progress calling for a democratic change in Iran.  The program was initiated by Linda Chavez, former White House Media Lesion.

“The current regime in Tehran does not represent the Iranian people,” said Chaves in her opening speech adding, “Today’s programs represent a desire for change,” in Iran.

The keynote speaker of the program will be Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President –elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran.  Last year’s rally in Paris drew one hundred thousand people and supporters from around the world according to media.

Earlier Mrs. Rajavi told Fox News Eric Shawn in a televised interview that the Iranian regime cannot be trusted and that “no concession should be made to this brutal regime.” Rajavi Stressed, “Nuclear negotiations should compel the Mullahs’ regime to abandon its nuclear weapons program.”

In her interview, Rajavi called on world leaders to make “no concessions” to the Iranian mullahs as this regime cannot be trusted.  She asked P5+1 to be firm with the mullahs and make it clear to them that they should “abandon their nuclear weapons program.”

The NCRI is holding a large gathering today in Paris to tell the world that there is another face for Iran which will not threaten it with support for terrorism and building a nuclear bomb. 

Iranian dissidents are gathering in Villepinte at the same time when the western powers are involved in long negotiations with Iranian regime in order to ask Tehran to open its nuclear sites to international inspections and halt enrichment of uranium.  The world powers also want access to Iran’s nuclear scientists but the Iranians do not agree with that.

In her opening statement Linda Chavez stressed that the current regime in Tehran interferes in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen and it represents a threat to the world peace.

As the program continues, more and more people are gathering hoping to hear Maryam Rajavi speak.