As we near the annual Iranian opposition convention in Paris, those joining this rally from outside of Iran may have different motives, but for us prisoners who have no means to send our voices outside the four walls of prison, this gathering has another meaning… in the conditions we are placed in, … the walls of prison, the guards, and all the crackdown atmosphere constantly relay three messages to us:

– Outside these prison walls there is nothing but silence;

– Everyone is merely thinking about their own lives and how to make ends meet;

– There is no option or alternative other than this ruling state, so you must give in;

The annual Iranian opposition convention is a galaxy of inspiring responses that shed light into the darkness, and end this atmosphere of passivity and succumbing to their demands.

Maybe some people, such as the so-called political activists and various intellectuals, may use this to justify their inaction, and even when there is a possibility it becomes the victim of their disappointment and lack of hope.

However, this annual Iranian opposition rally continues to be the sound of thunder and light in a sky of inaction, passivity and silence… that it isn’t so… there is both hope, and wishes can come true, and there is an alternative that has all the means necessary. Not only the noble and freedom-loving Iranians outside of Iran, but also all those who care and have a conscience across the Middle East, Europe and the United States are mobilized by this movement. And what a higher ray of hope for a detained prisoner deprived of everything, that there are many dear loved ones behind the walls of prison and on the other sides of the oceans, whose hearts beat for the very country and cause he/she has been imprisoned for.

What a higher message than this for us political prisoners, and even non-political prisoners, that our brothers and sisters, friends and relatives are there in various parts of Europe, the US and the region (Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia …) who not only remember us but are our voice, and the voice of all the Iranian people in the larger prison called Iran, who all yearn for a “Free Iran,” a democratic Iran. These are the true representatives of the Iranian people, and not those who the international community impose more and more sanctions on to confront their waves of wars, killings and missile launches.

Greetings and salutations from us in prison to all those taking part in this convention, as they are representing the true faces of a democratic, serious, active, organized and undefeatable Iran and Iranians against all the lies existing in this world. Please accept our greetings and salutations to you all.

Political prisoners of Gohardasht, Evin and Tehran Central prisons – June 2017