women and organizations around the world celebrated the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.  Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance (NCRI), saluted all brave Iranian women who have stood up against one of the most violent dictatorial regimes in the world, all women political prisoners in Ali Khamenei’s prisons, and all women around the world who are struggling against all kinds of violence, cruelty, oppression, discrimination and inequality.

“Today, we remember all the women around the world who during the past year became the victims of cruelty and inequality and suffered from all kinds of violence,” she said

Rajavi made a point to reinforce the message that “They (Iranian Regime) have ruled the country over past three decades by imposing discrimination, torture and aggression against women. Torturing and execution of tens of thousands of struggling women and girls, including as young as 13 year old girls, pregnant women and elderly mothers is only part of this regime’s record. A so-called religious fatwa issued to justify raping women prisoners has been the guideline for judicial, intelligence and security organs and also the torturers of the mullahs’ antihuman and anti-Islam regime for the past three decade; an ignominious record of this regime’s crimes that is unprecedented in the contemporary history of mankind.”

Supporting women rights is one of the foundation pillars of NCRI.  Stated in their platform it reads, “the right of women to elect and be elected in all elections, and the right to suffrage in all referendums,” “the right to employment and free selection of profession, and the right to hold any public, office or profession including the presidency or judgeship,” “the right to freely choose clothing and covering,” and “the right to use, without discrimination, all instructional, educational, athletic, and artistic resources; the right to participate in all athletic competitions and artistic activities.”

Rajavi’s plea today was to call on all women around the world to defend the rights for all women, especially those in Iran.  “Systematic violence against women consists of numerous bans in various aspects including freedom to choose clothing, right to divorce, right to travel, right to employment and many other fundamental human rights,” she concluded.