Previously, we looked at the history of the Resistance, but here we will look at where it is headed. To do that, we must look at where the Regime is headed.

Maryam Rajavi assessed that the Regime will only become violent and repressive as the fight for freedom continues, contracting their ranks, suppressing their people,  increasing their demonization of the Iranian Resistance, which the mullahs now admits is the main threat to their continued rule. She said that the Resistance has been fighting the Regime for four decades and cannot be exterminated, no matter how much the Regime tries. Instead, with every death, the Resistance gains more supporters and grows stronger.

Maryam Rajavi explained that on an international level, the Regime will try to wait out the next 16 months until the next US presidential election with the hope that the winner will start appeasing them again. Even though evidence suggests this won’t happen no matter the winner. Any US president would want to negotiate a new deal on their own terms.

She said the mullahs are counting on the international community’s inaction and tolerance to Iran’s terrorist operations and warmongering to allow them to survive. This should not be allowed. Maryam Rajavi said that the Iranian Resistance has constantly warned about Iran circumventing the six UN Security Council resolutions and have urged the nuclear deal signatories to obtain a complete halt to Iran’s uranium enrichment and unhindered access to all suspect sites.

Maryam Rajavi then quoted a speech she made at a French Senate meeting in April 2015.

She said: “The experience of the Iranian Resistance shows that the mullahs only understand the language of force and firmness. The time has come for major powers to stop appeasing and giving concessions to the murderous religious tyranny, the central banker of terrorism, and the world’s record holder of executions, and to recognize the right of the people of Iran for resistance and freedom.”

Maryam Rajavi then cited a speech from July of that year, when the agreement was signed.

She said: “An agreement that overlooks the human rights of the Iranian people and fails to emphasize and acknowledge them, will only encourage further suppression and incessant executions on the part of this regime. It will also trample upon the rights of the people of Iran, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the UN Charter… because the people of Iran have been the main victims of this ominous nuclear program.”

Basically, Maryam Rajavi predicted exactly the scenarios we see now. Over the past three months alone, we have seen

  • Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei bragging about trying to lessen US pressure using “bargaining chips and leverage”, which Maryam Rajavi says is a reference to the terrorist operations in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and refusing to talk to the US
  • Iranian attacks on two oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz
  • The downing of a U.S. drone by Iran, which President Hassan Rouhani praised the Iranian Revolutionary Guards for
  • Iran boosting its uranium enrichment to 4.5% and threatening to do more

In our next piece, we will discuss how the Regime is fuelling tensions elsewhere to push back against or distract the international community.