The MEK rally, which will take place in Brussels, on Saturday, June 15, is set to be attended by thousands of people who support a free Iran, who believe in the Iranian people’s right to self-governance, and who believe that the MEK is the best option to achieve that.

The idea is to show international governments that supporting the barbaric Iranian Regime is not morally or politically the right thing to do, so the speakers will expose the Iranian Regime’s various crimes against humanity over the past 40 years. The other reason behind the MEK rally in to show the world that the Iranian people are a strong force for change in their country and that the international community must respect their demands for democracy.

Of course, this seems like something the world should already know. The Iranian people, organised by the MEK, have been taking part in mass anti-regime protests inside Iran since December 2017. These protests have been incredibly diverse from steelworkers worried about losing their jobs to teachers worried about the state of education to ethnic and religious minorities protesting their lack of rights. The common thread is that the Regime is at the root of all the people’s woes and regime change by and for the people is the only way to change this.

Of course, many international governments worry that this would lead to instability in the regions, which is why the MEK and opposition leader Maryam Rajavi would assume power for a transitional period not to exceed six months in order to organise free and fair elections.

Human rights activist Ali Bagheri wrote an op-ed in the Herald Report on June 8 to summarise the escalating political tensions in Iran as the MEK gains momentum and the mullahs rapidly (and publically) lose control.

Bagheri wrote: “The vast uprising inside the country clarified, there exists no solution inside the current regime in Tehran…Even with Iran nuclear deal, the regime is isolated more than any other time in its history.”

He argues, rightly, that the tide is turning against the Regime and that the MEK represents a strong and viable alternative to the mullahs, with the MEK having support from the Iranian people and Western politicians. Therefore, it is imperative that the governments get on board. They must stop appeasement of the Iranian Regime and start supporting the MEK.

Let’s not forget that supporting the Regime means supporting the oppression that is imperative to its rule. This includes an anti-MEK demonization campaign, both on and offline, which is designed to dehumanise the MEK and was stepped up rapidly in 2018, following the start of the protests.

The idea behind dehumanising the MEK is so that the Regime can continue its violent attacks against them with impunity. These attacks include executing 30,000 MEK members held as political prisoners in the summer of 1988 alone and the attempted bombing of the MEK’s Free Iran rally in Paris in 2018 and the attempted bombing of the MEK’s compound in Albania during the 2018 Persian New Year celebrations.

So if you can get to the rally, do. You’ll show the world that you stand in support of the repressed people and not their oppressors.