He was the commander of the death squad that on July 13, 1989, assassinated Abdul-Rahman Ghassemlou, then Secretary General of the Kurdish Democratic Party, and 2 others who accompanied him in Vienna.

Based on Austrian police request, beginning on December 22, 1989, an international arrest warrant was issued for him and his two accomplices. (Copy of Sahraroodi’s arrest warrant is attached.)  In order to cover up his terrorist and criminal record, he has been using the name “Jafari” for many years and has eliminated “Sahraroudi” from his last name.
He carried out the assassination of the victims at a negotiation table and was wounded during that criminal operation, thus was unable to escape the scene and was arrested by the Austrian police. (Sahraroodi’s picture at the hospital while wounded with bullets is attached.) But shortly thereafter, due to pressures and threats by the Iranian regime, he was released under the pretense of “diplomatic immunity” and returned to Iran.
Jafari Sahraroodi who was one of regime’s commanders during the 8-year war with Iraq is a key element in the clerical regime’s machinery for export of terrorism and fundamentalism, who has had an important role—especially after occupation of Iraq by American forces—in organizing and leading assassination squads and bombings in Iraq, and stoking sectarian wars in that country. During Ahmadinejad’s presidency, he was appointed as deputy in charge of internal security at the Supreme National Security Council where he was specifically in charge of issues related to Iraq. After IRGC Brigadier General Ali Larijani became head of Majlis, Jafari Sahraroodi was appointed his advisor and chief of staff and under this cover, continued his terrorist efforts in Iraq. 
Presence of such terrorist criminal at the UN European headquarters in Geneva and his participation at the inter parliamentary conference is clear violation of all international laws and conventions and the Iranian Resistance calls for his immediate arrest and for bringing him to trial by the Swiss government. This is an imperative test for the government of Switzerland and whether it is admitting known murderers to the country.
Secretariat of the National Council of resistance of Iran
October 9,2013