The expressed explanation for the drastic measure was “terrorism”. It turned out, they found nothing but a group of unarmed exiles and political refugees whom their only crime was trying to expose a tyrannical theocratic regime that ruled their country for decades.

It was further revealed that the then government of France had entered a shameful deal with the terrorist regime ruling Iran to raid the offices of its democratic opposition in return for more trade contracts.

The MEK was ultimately cleared of all charges, with the investigating judge reaching the conclusion that MEK has been engaged in a legitimate struggle against repression.

The MEK was vindicated but left an eternal shame for those who were engaged in sacrificing France’s reputation as the cradle for human rights for a few commercial deals with a terrorist regime.

Nowadays, the Iranian mullahs’ regime is being recognized as the source and main supporter of terrorism around the world and specifically in the Middle East.

The MEK Struggle

For over three decades the MEK and its supporters have been struggling to bring freedom and democracy to Iran.

The MEK members have been the pioneers in the struggle to realize the desire of the Iranian people to end the mullahs’ dictatorship in their country and replace it with a democratic government.
World governments increasingly come to realize the result of what is now known as the “rapprochement policy” towards the Iranian mullahs.

The carnage in Syria and crimes against humanity committed by Bashar Assad and the Iranian regime is one example of the outcome of the policy of appeasement.

Today, the MEK is increasingly gaining ground as a legitimate and strong solution and alternative to the Iranian rulers.

The MEK message is that the world no longer has to put up with a government that supports terrorism and threatens other nations by building nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles.

Today, the MEK constitutes a strong force in the Iranian people’s struggle for democracy and freedom. That is so while over 100,000 members and sympathizers of the MEK have been executed by the clerical regime during the past four decades.

The MEK has called on world governments to stand with the Iranian people’s desire to end mullahs’ regime and bring peace and stability to the region.

The MEK’s network in Iran has in recent months extensively increased its activities inside Iran. A major movement for seeking justice for victims of mass executions by the Iranian regime has formed in Iran. In particular the movement is seeking justice for victims of 1988 massacre of political prisoners, most of whom were members and supporters of the MEK.

The strength of the movement in support of the MEK has sent shockwaves through the Iranian regime. Almost every day state run media are writing about the MEK in a futile attempt to demonize the MEK.

The mullahs are using the same method, disinformation, by their lobbyist or agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) to demonize the MEK in order to confront growing recognition of the MEK as a leading democratic force for change in Iran.

MEK And Europe

A large number of members of the MEK, were moved to Europe last year, mostly to Albania under the direct supervision of the United Nations.

According to Albanian media since the relocation to Albania, many American and European dignitaries and representatives have paid visits to the group, expressing their support for the MEK and its cause.

To name a few, US senator John McCain, Ambassador John Bolton, Gilbert Mitterrand, a French parliamentary delegation, as well as Members of European Parliament visited the MEK members at their new home in Tirana just recently in 2017.

Every year around this time, the Iranian diaspora supporting the democratic coalition of National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), in which the MEK is a member organization, holds a large gathering in Paris, France as the annual gathering of Iranians seeking freedom and democracy in their homeland.

The Beginning Of Resistance

The month of June also marks the beginning of the massive, all out, crackdown on the Iranian opposition some thirty six years ago.

On June 21, 1981 the regime then Supreme leader called on the notorious Revolutionary Guards to open fire on the peaceful demonstration organized by the MEK.

A massive crackdown and execution rampage that was staged by the mullahs soon after, forced many Iranians including the MEK and its supporters into exile. That was the start of the resistance movement which is today recognized as the main opposition to the Iranian regime.

Paris Rally: The Call For Regime Change In Iran

In recent years, the Rally held in Paris, brings in tens of thousands of supporters to France calling for regime change in Iran and the establishment of a non-religious and elected government in that country.

Many world-recognized dignitaries and high officials have attended the gathering in the past as they will do so this year to extend support and solidarity with the Iranian voices for freedom.

The key-note speaker of the event last year was, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance, who has led the movement during the hard years of exile.

The Rapprochement Policy

The rapprochement policy may have secured some commercial contracts for EU countries, yet it has brought nothing but more terrorism and agony for the EU citizens.

The policy has brought more executions and oppression for the Iranian people and the MEK specifically.

And the policy has resulted in no true resolution to the rogue actions of the mullahs. On the contrary, the rapprochement policy has emboldened the mullahs in taking the world hostage for political ransom.

The Iranian mullahs openly support acts of terrorism throughout the world by supporting groups such as Hezbollah. Their Revolutionary Guards corps is actively involved in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and other parts of the region. The Iranian officials have openly confirmed involvement in fatal attacks on US and Western personnel in Iraq.

Just recently, 265 members of the European parliament singed a statement calling for the blacklisting of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a terrorist organization.

The statement also calls for a commission for inquiry into massacre of political prisoners in Iran. The Iranian regime went on a rampage killing over 30,000 political prisoner following the eight-year war with Iraq in the summer of 1988.

The majority of those fallen victim to the executions where members and supporters of the MEK.

MEK – Blowing The Cap Off Mullahs’ Nuclear Program

Many world parliamentarians and high-officials have recognized and commended the MEK as the original revealers of the Iranian regime’s nuclear development program – revelations that have come with great sacrifice from the part of MEK supporters inside the country.

We may never know but the MEK may have in fact saved the world from complete destruction by preventing a state-sponsor of terrorism from becoming armed with nuclear weapons.

And The Paris Rally

As the yearly rally by the Iranian opposition nears – planned for 1 July, 2017 – France will once again be at center stage of a peaceful but very significant gathering of not only Iranians but world dignitaries who care deeply about peace and security in the Middle East and the world over.

This is a gathering against extremism and advocating tolerance.

In this respect, MEK is the political force, which rejects extremism under the name of religion, advocates gender equality and separation of religion and state and in short advocates a democratic and tolerant Islam.

European leaders including President Macron who has just formed its government after a landslide victory in the Parliamentary election are expected to stand firm vis-à-vis the extremism whether it is originated by ISIS or the mullahs’ regime who are called by Iranian people as the Godfather of the ISIS.

The world is watching European leaders at this critical juncture to stand with their principles and not some petty economic interests. History will judge them.