The current regime has been actively suppressing its people for close to 40 years. During that time, the Iranian people have dealt with significant levels of oppression, from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to even the morality police, the people find themselves distrustful of their neighbors, as they try to avoid being reported for any of the numerous possible violations.

The larger picture, however, is the fact that the Iranian regime has been allowed to continue for so long. During its tenure, the mullahs have supported the execution of more than 120,000 people for political reasons, while imprisoning and torturing thousands more. The most basic rights of the Iranian people, such as the right to watch and read what you want, as well as to voice your personal political ideology have been brutally repressed.

Corruption runs rampant throughout the regime, while the economic consequences of these actions are being felt by the average Iranians. Poverty has also increased and reached what would be deemed an unprecedented level. The environment is also being actively destroyed, leaving the Iranian people in a catastrophic state.

Additionally, the Iranian culture is also being destroyed by the regime. Artists, musicians, and others have been banned from performing in public areas and even some private venues. The regime is silencing anything that it feels negatively reflects on the theology and extremism of this fundamental ruling class.

Therefore, based on the actions of the regime and its unwillingness to change or modernize their approach to their people’s most basic human rights, the Iranian people have the right to change the regime. Denying regime change in Iran is tantamount to suggesting that the people of Iran should continue to live with the current conditions, which include torture and execution under the regime.

For the international community, supporting the Iranian people in their quest for regime change is an opportunity to take the side of the oppressed versus the oppressor. It is the opportunity for the international community to stand up to an immoral government that has used and abused its people. The time for the international community to act in support of the Iranian people is now!