In fear of student protests in Tehran, the clerical regime cancelled Hassan Rouhani’s scheduled program at Tehran University.

This program was finally held at Iran Medical Science University located in a remote area.

Through the imposition of extreme security measures, the regime’s officials prevented students from entering the conference hall where the program was held.

Students chanted “Independence, freedom, republic of Iran” in an expression of opposition to the rule of clergy in Iran.

At Tehran University’s College of Engineering and at Iran University of Science and Technology, students shouted “Political prisoners must be freed”.

Students who had gathered at the university’s entrance gate shouted “Political prisoners must be freed”, “Imprisoned students must be freed” and “Hassan Rouhani, what happened to your promises?”Protests also were held in universities in the cities of Esfahan, Shahroud and Qazvin.

Iran- students held protests and gatherings on 7 December 2014