In his speech He said:

“Madame Rajavi, distinguished participants, all of you here in the audience, and in particular the people of Ashraf and Liberty who are our inspiration and whose spirit will be the liberation of the Iranian people. I have absolutely no question about that. Today we are here for matters of life and death, for the safety, security of the people of Camp Liberty, Ashraf, for the safety and liberty of the people of Iran and by extension the safety and liberty of the people of the whole world. I have been here numerous times and I am really struck by two things today. First of all, the large number of young people in the audience, you have reduced the median age of our group by a hundred percent. It’s extremely encouraging. It’s extremely encouraging to see so many young people that are part of this movement because it brought very, very well for the future of this movement.

And I’ll tell what it says to the Iranian regime, this movement has a very, very long life. It is not going away. And although this may be of more significance in my country than here in France or Europe. I am also very struck, I have been in the past but I have not said it but it occurs to me by the participants from the United States whether  it is Allen or Louise , or Michael  ,or senator Torricelli,  or Howard Dean. I don’t think that there is another issue in the world that all of us agree on. That doesn’t mean we don’t agree on a lot of issues. People tend to think that America is so divided. We really do agree on a lot of fundamental issues but I would say we have a lot of differences to very distinguished members of the democratic party, one who ran the democratic party and ran for president and the democratic party had the same result that I had when ran for president in the republic party, we share that in common.  Two very distinguished points is one of president Bush the other of president Clinton and the American lawyer of great renown who has fought for civil rights, human rights across every spectrum imaginable Allen Dershowitz. This is a very, very unusual combination of people from the political right, political left and the political center. And what brings them together is and this is so frustrating for us, this is such a clear issue, I don’t know why my government has such trouble with it. I have no idea why we are so confused about it. In America, we call this a ‘no-brainer’.

The people of Ashraf, the people of Liberty should be given protection. Why? Because they were promised it. They were promised it way back by the united states in writing they should be given protection. America should live up to its promises and America should immediately without any question send airplanes to Iraq and bring them to the United States of America. That is the honorable, the decent and the humane solution. Why it doesn’t happen, is a tragedy. Today we are here on the second anniversary of the second attack on camp Ashraf.  That was the attack on April 8th of 2012; 36 people killed, hundreds wounded. The Maliki regime, under the guidance of the Iranian regime, has so far by my count carried out 6 major attacks; 3 on Ashraf and 3 on Liberty. The first one killing 99 people and wounding hundreds.

The second, the one I just mentioned, killing 16 people and then a third one in which more people were killed. Even worse than that, after being promised protection at camp Liberty, there have been three attacks on camp Liberty, with people killed at camp Liberty, people wounded in camp Liberty and people taken as hostage on camp Ashraf off them. All of this under the promise of protection, years  and years of promises of protection, from the US from the UN, over the last three years from the United nations, from secretary of state Hilary Clinton, from other people in the state department, promises of protection and what has the end result? in massacre, killing. A Long time ago I said that camp Liberty would be a concentration camp, not a detention camp, a concentration camp. The UN now indicates that view in their report that Madame Rajavi showed you but it’s worse than I thought. It’s not a detention camp, it’s a killing field. These people are in jeopardy of being killed as we speak to them today, as they listen to us tomorrow or the next day. This should not be in the modern world. This should not be in the world with the United Nations.

This should not be in the world with the United States when promises have been made. And why these promises are being broken? They are being broken for the worst of reasons. They are being broken because the UN doesn’t want to offend Maliki and the Iraqi government. You don’t allow people to be slaughtered because you do not want to offend a miserable dictator. Why is my country ignoring its promises to protect these people as they are being slaughtered? Why they are turning their back? Why is the United States turning its back on the written evidence of protection each and every one of these people have been given? Why are we doing that? We are doing it because we don’t want to offend Iran. We don’t want to offend the mullahs. We want an agreement on ceasing nuclear proliferation in Iran, so we don’t want to offend them.

Since when do we allow people to be slaughtered because we are afraid of offending murdering, dictators, cruel, horrible people, that have killed millions and all the biggest supporters of States sponsored terrorism in the world? They are supporting genocide in Syria and the United States of America is afraid to offend them. Shame on us. Where is our courage? Where are our principles? Where is our moral indignation? And all of this for nuclear negotiations. And from the interim agreement, it looks like the nuclear negotiations are going to be a dreadful mistake. Right in the interim agreement, you can see what the final agreement will give us. It’s going to give us an Iran that has at least, at the minimum, the peaceful use of nuclear power. Well, this completely ignored years of UN resolutions, years, of thinking and arguing and debating.  The whole point of the UN resolutions, the whole point of the negotiations was to have a non-nuclear Iran. What that means is an Iran without any nuclear material, an Iran that cannot enrich uranium for peaceful purposes.

You say why, why shouldn’t they be allowed to do it for peaceful purposes? Because they are one of the most evil, one of the worst, one of the most unreliable and one the most insane regimes in the world. That’s why. We do not allow insane people to have nuclear weapon. And if I need to wake up people in my own country, they’ve done more to kill Americans than just about any other country over the last 20 to 30 years, including holding them hostage, including being involved in the slaughter of our troops in Iraq.  We are going to allow them to enrich uranium, claiming it s for peaceful purposes? Trusting them? That they will take that uranium, that they are using it for peaceful purposes and in one month or two months or three months, weaponries it and turn it to nuclear weapons? Do you believe you can trust that? Do you have any doubt about it? What is wrong with us? we are headed in an absolutely the wrong direction and the tragedy of it is, we are sacrificing the lives of people at camp Liberty and in Iran. We are ignoring the slaughter that is going on even in Iran. For this agreement, that will be a horrible agreement.

I am not sure we should be ignoring it, if it would be for a good agreement. We certainly shouldn’t be ignoring it for a dangerous horrible agreement. Here is what the agreement should be and it should be nothing less. And our United States congress should not ratify an agreement unless every single one of these points is in it. First and for most, the agreement must state unequivocally Iran will not be allowed to have any, any nuclear material of any kind.  All of it must be destroyed; all of it must be removed because they cannot be trusted. They fooled us before; they are not going to be allowed to fool us again. Number 2, transparency, the country must be opened to inspection. For the country to be open in a meaningful inspection, it has to be opened to inspection. So we need transparency. There must be respect for human rights. Political prisoners should be released and certainly in the inner room, they should be allowed to be visited. So we can find out how they are being treated.

Iran has to cease its involvement in the genocide in Syria. And cease it immediately. And in doing all this, and whatever else can contain this agreement, we should not in any where renounce the position of United States of America will be involved, and is in favor of  regime change in Iran. Because that is the only answer. That would be a realistic program. To get that program, we have to become realistic about the regime. It s been killing for decades; 120 000 members of MEK slaughtered by the regime and that is just a small fraction of the people they have killed since 1980 and 1981. Well, people will say Rouhani has become a moderate or he is a moderate. Well under this “moderate” Rouhani, there have been over 700 executions in Iran, public executions, the ones we can count, not the ones in the back allies that we don’t see. 700, that’s more than under any period under Ahmadinejad.

So Ahmadinejad may have spoken like a homicidal maniac but Rouhani is acting like on.  He is killing people in large numbers. Why,? Why this increase in executions? I believe for two reasons. Number one, for fear that they are losing their grip. Calling Rouhani a moderate, which we know is not true, could be dangerous in Iran. Because the people of Iran could start to believe that moderation is a possibility. By calling him a moderate, you have released a very, very powerful idea. Less powerful ideas have resulted in the overthrow of dictatorships like Iraq’s and the Mullahs if anything, understand their self preservation. So they are exerting even more control. They are exhibiting even more violence. they are oppressing even more as the UN reporters have pointed out just as they allowed this talk about moderation to try and seduce the United States and the West because they understand that seduction might start to work for they own people.

That’s why they are killing so much and we are too foolish to understand it or accept it. And they are doing it for a second reason that I pointed out before. I believe the aim of the Iranian regime is eventually to sign an agreement. An agreement that allows for the peaceful use of nuclear power which they can then convert into any use of nuclear power they desire. They did this once before, couple of years ago, under Rouhani. And their lies were discovered. Their enrichment was discovered on two occasions by members of the MEK. So now if you are answering into this program, where you are going to allow inspections and you are going to cheat, you eliminate the people who can discover the cheating. You discourage them, you deter them, you frighten them, and I think many of these murders are taking place to eliminate members of the MEK and to eliminate others that will give us information about how Iran is cheating, once Iran allows inspections. And we don’t recognize that either.

The inevitable conclusion of all of this is, we have to have regime change. We had regime change in Egypt, we had regime change in Libya, and we should have regime change in Syria that might not happen. We supported all of that and in those situations we had a real dilemma. Would we go from bad to worse? And in a few situations, we went from bad to worse. In this situation, we don’t have that dilemma. Regime change in Iran is more necessary, more justified, more important than it was in Egypt, Libya or Syria. But here we do not have a situation of worrying; are we going to go from bad to worse? Because we know we can go from bad to very good. This organization stands for all the principles that a necessary, to create a responsible and decent Iran. They’ve proved that with the blood of 120000 people.

They’ve proved that with the blood of the martyrs of Ashraf and Liberty. Because all of that has made them more intense and more dedicated to the principles of democracy, elections, right for the opposition, religious freedom, right for women. They are lead by a woman, a great woman. They support a transparent Iran, an Iran that is open to inspection, under honest principles and most importantly they support a non nuclear Iran, truly non nuclear Iran. So regime change, ultimately, is the only goal. To the people of Liberty and the people of Ashraf, who I always liked to conclude speaking to because I know they get to hear this, don’t lose hope. I know there are days of great desperation but the day of liberty for Iran is coming. I don’t know the day, I don’t know the hour, I don’t know the year, but I know its coming because it’s in your hearts, it’s in your prayers. It’s being made possible by the sacrifices that you are making. And it’s being made possible by the dedication of all these people who support you, who believe in you, who love you.

And when it happens, and it will happen. It will happen because of the leadership of Madame Rajavi, all of you here, what you have done. And the new Iran, the new Iran will be built on the spirit of liberty, true liberty, the martyrs of liberty because they will give Iran, the impetus, the courage, the intensity and the fortitude to fight off these murdering dictators, and to give to the people of Iran, the government they deserve. Thank you and god bless you.”