One of them was Ammar Bahmani. Mojtab Hosseini, an Afghan from the IRGC Quds Force and a resident of Mashhad was also among the dead. The names of four others who were Iraqis under the command of Quds Force were: Ali Hadi, Reza Abed Mon’am, Saleh Mohammed Saleh, and Abbas Mozhar Nasser al-Fartousi (a.k.a Nasser Ammara) who was one of their commanders. 

The state-run Fars news agency, which is affiliated to the IRGC, reported that Hamdollah Bakhshandeh, the fifth commando from the Iranian regime’s regular army, was killed in Syria. The mullahs’ army also confirmed that four of its personnel were killed in Syria. 

On April 8, the NCRI announced, “According to reports obtained from inside the Iranian regime, Khamenei has dispatched hordes of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and mercenary militias, as well as groups of the regime’s army to Syria to launch new attacks against the opposition and the Free Syrian Army (FSA), especially in Aleppo province.”