In further insults to the kingdom, Khamenei said that the Muslim world is now in a lot of danger because of the Saudi government. He called it a “group of worthless, inept and villainous people”.

He also compared Saudi Arabia to a “cow being milked”, meaning that the United States is taking advantage of the kingdom. This was in reference to the weapons deal worth $110 billion between the United States and Saudi Arabia. There were also other deals too, including some with the private sector that are worth around $350 billion.

Speaking about the alliance between the two countries, the Supreme Leader said that the government of Saudi Arabia is “stupid”, claiming it is foolish to think that enemies can form a friendship based on deals and money. He accused Saudi Arabia of giving its wealth to “pagans and enemies”.

He said that the wealth of Saudi Arabia belongs to the Saudis, but it is being given away to the United States, or “disbelievers” and “their people’s enemies”.

Saudi Arabia is predominantly Sunni and is on the opposing side to Shiite Iran in most of the conflicts in the region. Saudi Arabia has been a very open opponent of Iran and has called the country out on numerous occasions for its malign activities across the Middle East.

When President Obama was in office, the relations between the kingdom and the United States deteriorated. The kingdom saw Obama as prioritising the nuclear deal rather than its relations with Saudi Arabia. Obama, after giving many concessions to Iran, despite the danger it was putting other countries in the region in, appeared to abandon its ally.

However, when President Trump took office, it was very clear that he wanted to repair the relationship and he was very much in agreement that the Iran nuclear deal was not respected and that Iran is the biggest exporter of terrorism in the world.

The Iranian opposition has expressed hope that this new alliance is a positive step forward for the oppressed people of Iran who are waiting for regime change.