In his weekly speech, Maliki said, “The parliament’s life has come to an end or its leadership has declared its termination.” He reiterated, “Yesterday, in the cabinet, we decided by a majority to carry this budget and spend it whether it is ratified by the parliament or not.” 

As we have repeatedly stated, Maliki is Iraq’s main problem. He has placed Iraq on the verge of a civil and sectarian war and is determined to ruthlessly eliminate his opponents. He has increased the number of executions – exercising brutal torture is routine practice in his prisons. The abuse of female prisoners in Iraq has been reported recently by Human Rights Watch. 

The solution to this crisis is to stop giving arms to Maliki and to hold a truly free and fair election under the auspices of the United Nations. Holding a sham election by Maliki, who has absolute control of the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Security, is unacceptable and would surely result in more violence and bloodshed. 

Alejo Vidal-Quadras 

Vice President of the European Parliament 

President, International Committee In Search of Justice (ISJ)