Husseini began by criticising the Iranian Regime for their hypocrisy in paying people to scream “Death to America” and then complaining that Iran was on the list of Muslim-majority countries included in Donald Trump’s travel ban.
She wrote: “The Iranian leadership does not hesitate to exploit everything for its own benefit.”

Interference in the Middle East
There is no denying that Iran seeks to dominate the middle east; they interfere in regional conflicts like the Syrian Civil War, because they want to put themselves into a position where they could effectively take over.
They support Bashar Assad in Syria because they are scared that if one dictatorship falls, theirs will be next, and because Assad will essentially owe them for helping him keep power. The Regime supports the Hezbollah in various regional conflicts, because Hezbollah will owe the Regime for helping to take power.
Husseini wrote: “The Iranian regime and Hezbollah are trying to justify their regional interference claiming that it is for supporting Palestinians against Israel, although at the beginning of the Iranian revolution, during the reign of Ayatollah Khomeini, they did not hesitate to get weapons from Israel to fight Iraq.”
She writes that the Iranian Regime was happy to bolster the al-Qaeda splinter group which became ISIS, when they were fighting the Americans in Iraq but now want to be seen to fight them in Syria, although in reality, the Regime forces are actually fighting all of Assad’s opponents, not terrorists.

Falling of the Regime
The Iranian Regime gained a sort of legitimacy in the wake of the 2015 nuclear deal, but thanks to US sanctions, over Iran’s support for terrorism, this has recently been fading.
So the Regime is preparing to plough more money into their military and bolster defence; a sure sign that they are worried about being overthrown. They may also be funnelling the money into their nuclear weapons programme, according to a military expert. The first victims of this increased military spending will be the people in the Middle East.
Husseini wrote: “The main obstacle that Iran will face is not the US, but Saudi Arabia and Egypt. It is crucial for Arabs to affirm that they are the owners of the land and it is necessary for Saudi Arabia to carry on what it is already doing. With all due respect for all Arab countries, Saudi Arabia is the only country that can frighten Iran!”