Fakhrizadeh is the key figure of the regime’s nuclear weaponization project and is known as the regime’s father of the nuclear bomb, is in the UN sanctions list. The international nuclear watch dog, IAEA, has been requesting to interview Fakhrizadeh but Tehran has not provided access to the IAEA. 

According to the received reports, in the private part of the April 9 meeting, Khamenei praised Fakhrizadeh and his team who have continued their work unabated since the outset of the nuclear negotiations. Khamenei emphasized that they should resolutely continue their work without paying any attention to the nuclear negotiations. 

According to the sources, the participants reiterated that in his public remarks on April 9,  Khamenei alluded to regime’s decision to ceaselessly continue its progress towards obtaining the nuclear bomb.  

In his remarks, Khamenei said: 

-“The activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in nuclear research and advancement will not cease under any circumstances and none of the nuclear achievements will be halted.”

-“No one has the right to negotiate away the nuclear accomplishments of the country.”

-“Iranian negotiators ought to stress on the continuation of nuclear research and development.”

-“Although nuclear knowhow is employed in the production of energy, as well as in the industry, health, agriculture, food preservation, and trade, but the most important benefit of nuclear science in our country is that it strengthens the national confidence,” Khamenei accentuated. In describing national confidence, he considered the achievement of nuclear knowhow as one of the parameters that “changes the state of subordination and that prevents subordinate nations from being stampeded upon”. Khamenei added, “Any element that can null enemy’s trick is a fundamental element for our national growth and the colossal move of a nation.”

-“Of course negotiations do not mean that the Islamic Republic of Iran will surrender its nuclear progress.”

-“Nuclear advancements and progress achieved so far are in fact glad tidings for the Iranian nation promising that it can traverse the paths that lead to high summits of science and technology [obtaining the nuclear bomb]. Therefore the scientific nuclear motion should not be halted or even dampened.”

-“The path that you initiated should continue with resolve and utter strength because the country needs progress in science and technology, in particular the nuclear technology.”

-“If the scientific move in the nuclear technology continues with strength and resolve, a spectrum of technologies will be quickly created. Thus, there should be no cessation or slowing down of the nuclear move.” 

Khamenei stated the need for the attainment of nuclear bomb in a language that was understandable to all those involved and said: “To say that the sanctions and pressures are the price for nuclear advancements is incorrect because even in the absence of nuclear issue, they would have found another excuse. Much like at present that at the time of negotiations the Americans are speaking of human rights. And if human rights are resolved, they will go after something else. Thus, the sole path is to continue full force on the path to progress.”