Now, there are many reasons why Iran has been the target of this administration from the mullahs’ human rights abuses to their sponsorship of terrorism, but President of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) Trita Parsi believes that the actual reason is much less involved.

Parsi thinks that the Trump administration is doing all of this in order to discredit him and drag his good name through the mud.

While the idea that a government would pull out of an international accord in order to personally hurt him says a lot about Parsi’s ego, it should be noted that after 15 years of acting as the Iranian Regime’s personal apologist Parsi doesn’t have a name worth defaming.

He has personally defended human rights abuses, terrorist attacks, and the destabilisation of the Middle East. Why would anyone bother to smear him? He does a great job of it himself.

All in all, it seems the Iran lobby are now at a loss for what to do next. Now that the US has withdrawn from the nuclear deal, what purpose do the Iran apologists serve?

Sure, they’ll be able to fill a couple of weeks with doomsday predictions and talk of impending war, but when that doesn’t come to pass, Parsi and his colleagues will fade into irrelevance.

However, it seems that Parsi isn’t content with quietly fading away and being thankful that the US isn’t bringing charges against him for working with a rogue state against US national security.

Instead, he has now penned a fanciful op-ed about espionage and smear campaigns with himself at the centre of it all, even managing to work sex offender Harvey Weinstein into the tale.

Of course, his plot has a lot of holes. Why would a US intelligence operative warn Parsi about the White House’s plans to stop the NIAC? Why didn’t Parsi disclose this at the time when it would have made headlines? It seems Parsi may be better suited to low-rent spy thrillers then foreign policy advice.

Michael Tomlinson wrote on Iran Lobby: “We hate to break it to Parsi, but a whole lot of people have been working on hard on discrediting him and his colleagues for a long time. It isn’t much of a revelation that he was being targeted. Parsi has been the subject of scrutiny from journalists and bloggers to human rights officials and Iranian dissident groups; all of whom have questioned his connections to the regime and obvious reluctance to criticize it even when it commits horrific offences.”

It seems the Iran Lobby have run out of moves and they’re reduced to fiction rather than fact.