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Iran Nuclear Deal Must Be Expanded to Address Issues Previously Neglected

Tehran continues to advance its ballistic missile arsenal, meddle in the Middle East, and escalate domestic human rights violations, as these issues were not addressed under the nuclear accord. Now these matters must be addressed and alterations are necessary. Many believe that the best approach may be compromising with Tehran to expand the scope of the Nuclear Deal.

Still, the easily overlooked fact is that Iran continues to launch missiles and engage in wars on numerous frontiers.

After the Taliban lost in Afghanistan, Tehran reportedly began its meddling objectives, such as fueling unrest in this country and recruiting Shiite fighters for the war in Syria. Now Iran stands accused of providing arms and explosives to Taliban fighters.

Iran also took advantage of the 2003 Iraq war. Tehran’s political, social and economic impact in Mesopotamia is seen by many as undeniable, and is believed to have caused problems across the land, including sectarian wars against the minority Sunni community. It’s reported that Iran’s efforts continue under the banner of fighting the IS group.

The six year war in Syria has been bloody and brutal. Tehran has continued to maintain Bashar Assad’s dictatorship. Over half a million Syrians have been killed, and 12 million are displaced inside the country and abroad. As well, much country is considered destroyed. The money received by Tehran under the JCPOA is said to have financed much of this.

In Yemen, Iran has apparently spread its reach and influence into the backyard of regional arch-rival, and an important US ally, Saudi Arabia. Reports say that Iran continues to funnel of arms, equipment, and money to the Houthis in Yemen, and is threatening vital international shipping lines in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden with sea mines, anti-ship missiles and suicide boats packed explosives. Again, support of these activities is alleged to have been provided by financial benefits of the JCPOA.

It is believed by some that appeasing Iran produced a highly flawed pact that merely curbed its nuclear ambitions to a limited extent under sunset provisions, and that adopting a policy capable of ending wars across the Middle East, should be the next step.