Cruz’s claims come during the White House debate over ways to approach the agreement, as well as congressional moves to impose non-nuclear sanctions for ballistic missile development, terrorism, and human rights violations against Tehran

At the Conservative Political Action Conference, Cruz told reporters, ”It was designed to facilitate cheating, and so the only reasonable inference is, of course they’re cheating. This deal was structured so that there are significant facilities in Iran immune from inspection, and indeed we’re trusting the Iranians to ‘inspect themselves’.”

“That was an area of disagreement between President Trump and me on the campaign trail. I advocated ripping the deal to shreds,” Cruz claimed. “He disgreed.”

While on the campaign trail, Trump described it as “the worst deal ever negotiated.”

Now Cruz is focused on renegotiating the deal. “What he (Trump) has said he intends to do is vigorously enforce the deal and renegotiate it so that it better protects our interests. If that’s the path he has chosen, I encourage him to do exactly that.”

Cruz is also focused the release of ‘secret documents’ related to the Obama administration’s diplomacy with Iran. He alleges that Iran “almost certainly” has violated the nuclear deal, and that the documents could shed light on those violations. “We don’t have enough of the details of the nuclear deal to assess [Iranian violations] with legal precision.”

Cruz continued, ”Many of the details of that deal were hidden by the Obama administration because they were indefensible. I very much hope the Trump administration releases those details to the public. The public deserves to know what’s in this deal.”

Some of the documents are unclassified, and bipartisan calls to release them mounted as the Obama administration came to an end, and they have continued under President Trump.