With the Trump administration, signs indicate that Iran will be in for a major change. In less than a month, Trump has proven that, in regards to its Middle East doctrine, and especially, in comparison to its predecessor’s appeasement policy, things will be very different. 

Michael Flynn, U.S. National Security Advisor, took a firm stance against Iran’s January 29 ballistic missile test launch. He put Iran “on notice”, which was followed by new sanctions on 25 Iranian individuals and entities with ties to Tehran’s ballistic missile program. Nothing could have made it more clear that the U.S.-Iran policy has been revamped.

Tehran used it’s missile launch to test the new U.S. administration, and it backfired when President Trump and his team reacted with a series of measures, letting the regime know that their harassments, including a suicide boat attack against a Saudi frigate conducted by Iran-supported Houthis in Yemen, won’t be tolerated.