Indeed, given his constant promises and his reshuffling of the cabinet to include more Iran hawks, it would have been more surprising if he’d remained in the deal.
But the question now is, how will Iran react?

The Iranian Regime has certainly been screaming threats over the past eight days, but nothing has yet come to pass.

Mohammed Al-Shaikh, a Saudi writer with al-Jazirah newspaper, wrote on Al Arabiya that he believes this is the beginning of the end for both the Vilayat-e-Faqih regime in Iran and political Islamization, which spreads nothing but terrorism.

He wrote: “I have been certain – and I have mentioned this in previous articles – that any theocratic state cannot conform to the conditions of state in the modern times and that the fate of Vilayat al-Faqih state in Iran will collapse and then vanish. I believe that we are now witnessing the beginning of its inevitable end.”

This prediction will be welcomed by the Iranian people, who have suffered greatly under the mullahs for nearly 40 years, and the Gulf countries, who are undermined and attack by a Regime that wishes to institute a Shiite Crescent of Iranian power from the Gulf to the Mediterranean.


The most obvious example of Iran’s malign interference in other Middle Eastern countries is that of the Syrian Civil War.

The mullahs wanted to prop up the Bashar Assad dictatorship in order to quash any rebellion by the Iranian people and also to Syria into a vassal state, in the same way it did with Iraq.

So they sent in their proxy militias and prolonged the Syrian civil war far past its natural expiration date, causing more death and destruction than ever before.

But the tide is turning, as Israel is striking Iranian command centres in Syria in relation to attacks on Israeli forces in Golan Heights. Shaikh posits that soon Iran will be forced to surrender.

US Sanctions

Trump is re-imposing sanctions on the Iranian Regime that were lifted under the nuclear deal, but importantly they will also affect non-American companies who do business with Iran. This will likely cut the number of businesses willing to trade the terrorist regime and hasten its demise.

The Iranian people are clamouring for regime change and the international community should do all they can to support that.