Just one week after certifying Iran as being in compliance with the 2015 agreement, Trump made it clear to thousands of supporters in Youngstown, Ohio, that he is still very wary of Tehran.

Briefing reporters last week, administration officials said new economic sanctions against Iran were being prepared due to its ballistic missile program and for contributing to regional tensions.

“If that deal doesn’t conform to what it’s supposed to conform to, it’s going to be big, big problems for them. That I can tell you. Believe me.” Trump added, “You would have thought they would have said ‘thank you United States. We really love you very much.’ Instead, they’ve become emboldened. That won’t take place much longer.”

Also on Tuesday, Trump told the Wall Street Journal in an interview, “We’ll talk about the subject in 90 days but I would be surprised if they were in compliance,” he was referring to the re-certification due in three months.

Trump spoke about some of the themes that helped him to win the presidential election in November. He called out “radical Islamic terrorists” and vowed he wanted to keep them from entering the United States.