The European signatories are keen for the deal to remain in place and are taking steps to appease Trump.

Trump has never been a supporter of the deal and he has been a fierce critic of it since before his election. Last year, the US president said that his administration had come up with a comprehensive strategy to curb the threat emanating from Iran. So far, we have seen very little change in Iran’s behaviour, especially its aggression in the Middle East.

Despite his numerous threats to exit the agreement, we are still unsure how the US will deal with the aftermath if it does happen.

One of the most urgent issues is Iran’s growing influence across the region. It has become active in so many different countries in the Middle East and is working on its imperialistic missions, in particular in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Beirut. Iran is determined to achieve its land corridor to the Mediterranean. Iran has amassed a huge number of Shiite fighters that are fighting on Iran’s behalf – tens of thousands.

Iran’s strategic strength is increasing too as it continues with its ballistic missile program. Obama omitted to address the missiles in the nuclear deal after Iran claimed it was a non-nuclear issue. Iran has also got quite a sophisticated cyber network that can launch attacks and cause international havoc.

When the Iran nuclear deal was signed, the decades of work that were put into sanctioning Iran were cancelled when Obama lifted the crippling sanctions. If the deal is to collapse, the Trump administration should make it a priority to get back to that place where the sanctions were effective and targeted. The lifting of sanctions was one of the most attractive features of the deal for Iran, so any benefits must be immediately taken away.

Furthermore, one action that must be taken is with regards to the people of Iran. For years they have been oppressed and have been denied the most basic of human rights. At the end of last year, the people took to the streets the whole way across the country to voice their discontent. They are not happy with their personal situation where they are left with terrible social services, huge financial issues and the consequences of the regime’s corruption. Furthermore, the people want the regime to leave Syria and Iraq and Yemen and all the other countries where it is interfering.

Most importantly, they deserve to see freedom, democracy and human rights and the international community must support them in their quest for regime change. Not only is this to the benefit of the Iranian people, it will also benefit millions in the region and even those further afield.