In recent weeks, the mullahs have attracted global condemnation for their missile attack on an Iraq-based Kurdish dissident group and the executions of three Kurdish political prisoners, but many countries have also seen fit to condemn Iran’s warmongering policies in the Middle East and acts of terrorism in the West.

On September 10, US Vice President Mike Pence condemned the Iranian Regime for their missile attack on Iraqi Kurdistan.

The next day, US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert described the Regime as a disruptive element in the region and a bad actor globally.

Even Iran’s malign interference in Syria, on behalf of Bashar Assad, came under fire in the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday when several members warned of a humanitarian catastrophe in Idlib, an area populated by opposition forces and millions of displaced civilians.

France, the Netherlands, Kuwait and Turkey called for Iran, Syria, and Russia to halt all military attacks, while US Ambassador Nikki Haley accused the triad of failing to show interest in a political solution to the war. Haley warned that Iran’s role in Assad’s bloody attacks will not go unnoticed.

In London last week, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and several British politicians came together to shed new light on Iran’s terrorist activity in Europe, citing the attempted bombing of an opposition rally in Paris in June, and call for the Regime’s embassies to be closed and its diplomats to be expelled, following revelations that an Iranian diplomat orchestrated the attack.

While the 150th session of the Arab League also condemned Iran, with a statement by its Foreign Ministers Committee that expressed grave concerns about Iran’s stoking of religious sectarianism in the Middle East and criticised the Regime’s support for Yemen’s Houthi militias, who have been firing Iranian-made ballistic missiles into Saudi Arabia.

Human rights activist Heshmat Alavi wrote: “It goes without saying that the Iranian regime’s domestic crises, facing a powder keg society seeking to bring an end to the clerics’ rule, are of the utmost priority for those on the throne in Tehran.

As a result, regional and global isolation should evolve into the international community as a whole standing shoulder to shoulder with the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom and democracy.”