INU – Anti-government protests in different parts of Tehran and other cities, according to reports from eye-witness. Thousands of people, especially the youth, tuned the victory of the national soccer team over South Korea into a major anti-government demonstration, chanting “death to the dictator.”

At 21:30 local time, thousands of people occupied the Vanak square and surrounding streets, chanting, “Free all political prisoners, don’t be afraid, we are all together, I will kill those who killed my brother, Bassiji get lost, leave the country along, death to the dictator.”

The State Security Forces are trying to disperse the crowd by using tear gas but the protest was continuing until 23:30.

The Shahrak Gharb township large crowds have gathered in Iran Zamin and San’at Naft Square, chanting “Iran, Iran,” and “death to the dictator.”

In Pasdaran Street, 3,000 have gathered and jeering the State Security Forces.

Tens of thousands of people have occupied the Haft Hoze Street, chanting “Ahmadi get lost, free all political prisoners.”

In Rezai-ha square crowd has gathered and is chanting “don’t be afraid, we are all together.”

In Tehran’s “Park way,” large groups of people, especially the youth, are chanting “Free all political prisoners.”

Similar protests have been reported in Isfahan, Hamedan, Shiraz, Ahwaz and Kermanshah, where people have gathered in the city’s 22nd of Bahman district, chanting “free all political prisoners.” Similar protests have also erupted in Ghaemshahr, and Tabriz. State Security Forces have used tear gas and are beating the youth with batons in a bit to disperse them.

Iran-Tehran - Kermanshah Protests 18 June 2013

Iran Tehran 18 June 2013