INU – Baghdad’s Camp Liberty, home of 3,100 members of Iran’s principal opposition movement, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK), came under attack June 15 with borage of 40 rockets by the Iranian Regime. 

Two died in the attack, 70 were wounded – 23 seriously and transferred to a Baghdad hospital. Among the dead were a former female Iranian political prisoner. 

This attack is the direct reflection of people’s boycotting the elections of Khamenei and his defeat in the election. 

UNAMI’s monitors who everyday were present at the camp with their cameras were surprisingly absent on this day. 

This and two previous attacks are clear indicators of the level of involvement of Martin Kobler. 

At the very least, his conduct must be investigated by United Nations. 

Also, Iraq, the United Nations and the United States need to live up to their commitment of protecting the residents of Camp Liberty, instead of allowing these attacks to continue to happen, unchallenged.

The boycotting of presidential elections by the majority of the people is an awesome rejection of the religious fascism governing Iran and its leader, Khameneie. 

Khamenei has been using government bureaucrats to cheat and rig election, to show journalists that large numbers of people are voting, they reduced the number of polling stations to give the appearance of larger crowds, when participation was in fact down. 

President-elect, Sheikh Feradon Hassan Rohani, has been hailed as a moderate, but he has a long criminal history with the Iranian government. He will not be able to hide behind the reformist mask to fool anyone.  

He was able to enter the race in an absolutely undemocratic process – the “Guardian Council,” a fascist institution of the mullah’s regime – eliminated hundreds of potential candidates from the election, but permitted him to take a part.

With Rohani as president, nothing will change. 

This regime will still oppress the population, pursue the nuclear weapons, continue exporting terrorism and war mongering in the region. 

Rohani won’t have the power to change any of it. He knows full that the mere existence of the regime depends on these tactics.  

He was the Secretary of National Security for the mullahs for more than 16 years. He served as a member of the Expediency Council of the regime and the chief for the Center for Strategic Research, both starting in 1992.

Rohani recently said that in the ‘90s he was able to fool the troikas of Europe to advance the the country’s nuclear arms ambitions.  

On the June 13, 1999, in the midst of that year’s uprisings, he said, “Any disrespect of Khameneie is tantamount to disrespect of Iran, Islam, Muslims, constitutions and all Muslims around the world.  Where in the world these upheaval can be tolerated and that demonstrators are littler than to be called the revolutionaries…late yesterday afternoon a decisive order was given to suppress all actions of these protesters with severe use of force…”

Do those sound like the words of a moderate?

This regime has once again proven the legitimacy of the “Third Option” put forth by the Iranian Resistance for several years now, and that is regime change – putting power in hands of the people and their organized resistance.

Some of previous positions of Rohani inside the religious fascist governing Iran are:

1.Secretary of National Security for 16 years (1989-2005).

2.National Security advisor to the president for 13 years (1989-1997 and 2000-2005).

3.Deputy command of armed forces (1988-1989).

4.Member of the Defense Council (1982-1988).

5.Member of War Support Council (1986-1988).

6.Chief Commander of Air defense of Iran (1985-1991).

7.Chief Executive Council of War (1985-1988).

8.Chief Staff Khatam ol Anbia brigade (1980-1982).

9. Representative in the regime’s parliament (1980-2000).

10.Chief Defense Commissions (First and Second periods).

11.Deputy Chief of regime’s parliament and Chief commission foreign policy (Fourth and Fifth periods).

12. Member of Board of Trustees of Tehran University and Northern province (1995-1998).

13.Member of supervision of Radio and Television of the regime (1980-1983).